The New Cigar Room at The May Fair Hotel is a Luxurious and Stylish Area

The May Fair Hotel has redefined five star luxury and made it more modern and stylish. Their new Cigar Room which opened recently is another step in making the smoking area more stylish where even the women feel welcome. It has resulted from the indoor smoking ban and has been designed to balance the needs of the law and comfort. The General Manager of the hotel, Anthony Lee explained that the area has been designed keeping the interests of cigar enthusiasts. It is very different from the traditional smoking areas as they wanted a place that would welcome the growing number of women who appreciate cigars.

Graham Cox is the Lead Designer of the Cigar Room

The in house design team of the hotel has created the dramatic design of the cigar room under the leadership and guidance of one of London’s leading cigar room designers, Graham Cox. The design is very appealing because the whole environment is visually stimulating. The chain mail mesh walls make a great impact. Live fireplaces make the atmosphere very cozy and the swing chairs and day-beds provide casual comfort and luxury. Located on the first floor of the property, it is situated just beyond Silvena Rowe’s famous Quince Restaurant. As mentioned earlier the cigar room has complied with all the existing laws by having less than 50% solid walls. In place of solid walls the designers have used flowing fabric to protect the guests from the elements on two sides. Everything has been measured down to the millimeter and you can relax completely both mentally and physically.

Cigar Room Stocks Forty Varieties of Cigar

The cigar room at the May Fair hotel stocks forty varieties of cigar including classics like the Cuban Behike 52 Cohiba and the Montecristo Open Master. There are much lighter varieties available which are preferred by female smokers, namely Santa Domiana and Hoyo de Monterrey. A fine cigar should be paired with a fine cognac, whisky, Rum or Tequila to make it a complete experience. The cigar room offers a range of world’s finest Armagnacs, Cognacs and Whiskeys. In addition a series of Martinis are on offer including Rococo Chocolate Martini which uses single estate chocolate. It comes in both ‘his’ and ‘her’ options.

Cigar Sommeliers Guide Those New to the Experience

The Cigar Room offers another exclusive service, that of Cigar Sommeliers who are certified by Hunters & Frankau, exclusive suppliers of Cuban cigars to the UK. The Cigar Sommeliers are led by Sophia Christoforidou and help select a cigar for the guest and match it with the most appropriate cocktail. They are also there to guide guests who are not used to this experience and take them through the rituals of cigar smoking which makes it an unmatched experience. If you are really excited and curious about this new experience you can book yourself for one of the monthly master classes that will prepare you fully to immerse yourself in the ritual of cigar tasting. Trying out new brands for the first time can be an exciting experience. The cigar room is always on the lookout for superior and exciting products to add to their portfolio. The idea is to provide a well rounded experience with complementary tastes and flavors and they are targeting not just the aficionado but also those who are seeking a new experience.

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