Cadillac Introduces Cadillac User Experience For Luxury Cars

One of the premier U.S based luxury cars manufacturers, Cadillac has now announced the introduction of an all new state of the art car infotainment system, in the form of the all new ‘Cadillac User Experience’ (CUE). This groundbreaking technology essentially provides a profound glimpse into the future of the luxury automobile industry. The CUE system was given a test drive by VentureBeat , where in the system was installed on the brand new Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. The Cadillac user Experience is essentially composed creates a seamless bridge between in-car functions such as navigation, communication and entertainment via cutting edge touch technology. The central component of the CUE system is an 8-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen display that has been integrated with haptic feedback, thereby ensuring that the users are able to get a confirmation of their commands to the system in real time. The touchscreen display is conveniently located in the middle of the dashboard, while the CUE also features a remarkable head up display that projects information on the lower part of the windscreen.

Understanding the astronomical popularity and integration of smartphones and tablets in the 21st century, the CUE is fully capable of accommodating the latest generation of mobile devices powered by Google Android and Apple iOS. The Cadillac User Experience is capable of storing favorite radio station (AM, FM & Satellite Radio), preferred phone contacts for instant dialing, along with several locations for instant navigation. Furthermore, as the CUE is deeply integrated with mobile devices, Cadillac has also provided this ingenious system with a dedicated USB port that enables the users to charge their smartphones etc. while also making easy to access the music library of an iPhone or an Android device. The Cadillac User Experience comes with several online applications, such as the likes of Pandora that can be accessed via 4G connectivity shared via smartphone. The system is capable of tethering to an iPhone via USB, while an Android device can connect to the system wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity. The entire state of the art Cadillac User Experience is powered by a robust ARM11 three core processor and this incredible computing power even allows the system to offer voice recognition capabilities.

The Cadillac XTS been introduced in the U.S markets as luxury sedan that carries a price tag of $44,075 for the base model, while cost significantly rises to $61,805 for the top end model, with the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) as a standard system available with all models.

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