Luxury Gadget Maker STRUT Launches iPad Accessories

STRUT is a luxury gadget company that is known for its extravagant automotive accessories. The company, in a move designed to diversify has launched equally extravagant iPad Accessories. Luxury very often boils down to style and the STRUT Launchport System designed for your iPad makes it that much more stylish. It is basically a sleek, innovative charging system for the Apple product. The system includes an iPad case, a wireless charging pedestal and accessories. The basic gadget of the system is a pedestal that charges the iPad when it is docked. The iPad attaches to the charging pedestal without wires. The pedestal has powerful neodymium magnets that hold the iPad securely. You can continue using the iPad without the hassle of wires.

Luxury Gadget Maker STRUT Unveils Innovative Accessory

The pedestal docks are hand crafted from high grade stainless steel. You have a choice of three finishes namely chrome, gloss white and matte black. The LaunchPort, apart from the classy pedestal, includes protective cases with designer finishes. You have a wide choice of walnut burl, white or black carbon fiber, leopard print and sparkle pink. Certain amount of customization is also an option. You can order from seven customization options available. James Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for STRUT believes that LaunchPort is a truly innovative accessory. The designers have been able to create a truly luxurious gadget that combines the practical and convenient iPad charging technology with elegance and style.

iPad Accessories Available in Mid September

The Launchport will be officially launched at the New York International Gift Fair on August 20. The distribution of the luxury gadget for sale will begin in mid September to co-incide with the announcement of Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5. The Launchport will be available in luxury jewelry stores and gift boutiques, department stores, catalog businesses, and STRUT’s website. Pedestal and cases can be bought as a package and you can mix and match amongst the finish on offer. The prices have been finalized. The package will cost $1,250. The pedestal costs $1,000 whereas the case has been priced at $250.

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