Waterfall Café Opens at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore for Healthy Dining Experience

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore located away from the hustle and bustle of the city boasts of acres of wonderfully landscaped gardens. It has opened the new Waterfall Café that adds another exclusive feature to the luxury hotel. The new café offers healthy dishes that have been innovatively created and are clearly inspired by Mediterranean flavors. The interiors of the café have a colonial feel and are full of fresh, seasonal produce and gourmet merchandise. Chef Stephane has consciously kept the menu simple. He has based his creations on the Mediterranean culinary philosophy. The chef is known for his passion for using fresh herbs, smoked salts, vinegars and exotic spices in his dishes which are surprisingly refreshing and light on the palate. He ensures that his guests eat well as he is a known advocate of healthy dining. He sources all the ingredients required for his dishes from sustainable origins. And more importantly he ensures that all ingredients are free from hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.

Waterfall Café Selection of Wines from the Mediterranean

Chef Stephane predominantly uses seasonal produce that bring a wonderful freshness to his dishes. Amongst his most popular creations is the socca which is basically a crispy pancake. The chef makes it with chickpea flour, topped with spicy tomato coulis, flavorful roasted vegetables and fresh herb salad. His Atlantic cod is made with barley risotto, pequillo peppers and a vadouvan emulsion. The Waterfall Café is sure to attract wine lovers connoisseurs. The café boasts of fine and focused selection of wines from the Mediterranean. The range of wines in the collection is wide. The wine list boasts of the best from Spain to the coast of Lebanon. The wine is directly sourced from the premium boutique wineries of the region. There are twenty two exclusive varieties that can be ordered by the glass. The aperitifs, sherries and grappa dominate the extensive beverage menu. The café is committed to sustainability and that’s one of the reasons why they have opted for the organic Phoenix brand of sodas from New Zealand for their soft drink selection.

Waterfall Café Meets the Evolved Needs of Well Traveled Guests

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, with almost 41 years of experience is always looking for new lifestyle trends and exciting and unique dining experiences. The needs and expectations of a traveler changes and evolves over time. Manfred Weber, general manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore said that he had watched and observed the preferences of his guests closely. For them eating well and personal well being are both equally important part of their dining experience. The well traveled guests of the hotel want a hearty and delicious meal and don’t see it as a contradiction to their social responsibility. Waterfall Café and its offerings are aimed at them and has been well received by the discerning guests. The interiors of the café have been designed to relax the guests. Natural beige tones have been used as a contrast to dark woods. It is airy and has plenty of open spaces. However the highlight is a cozy private dining room with a fully functional show kitchen. The café opens early in the morning and serves breakfast, light snacks, lunch and dinner.

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