Liebherr Introduces Its First 30″ Fully Integrated Refrigerator

Liebherr has been in the cooling business for over fifty years now and has established itself as one of the world leaders in the business. They produce a range of luxury kitchen appliances but their premium refrigerators are preferred over most other brands. They have set the bar high for the industry and they keep coming up with dynamic designs that challenge the market and keeps them ahead of the competition. They have a large collection of both free standing and built-in fridges and they have recently added a new design to their portfolio. It is their first 30″ fully integrated refrigerator and freezer, the HCB 1560.

BioFresh Technology Keeps Food Fresh    

The design of the new model gives it a lot of flexibility in terms of appearance. The front of the fridge can be visible to be part of the overall design of the kitchen or it can covered by a cabinet and become part of the cabinet design. Liebherr has gone a step further and promised its customers that flush 24″ deep cabinet installation makes custom designing possible. Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time has been the biggest challenge for the refrigeration industry. The new model HCB 1560 takes care of that challenge through an innovative use of BioFresh technology. They have created separate compartments with temperatures below freezing. The humidity levels are also maintained to enable the edible items to retain their vitamins and minerals and remain fresh for a much longer time than a standard refrigerator in the market.

Liebherr Refrigerator:  Air From Different Compartments Doesn’t Mix

HCB 1560 has a DrySafe compartment which has a lower humidity and is the ideal storage place for meat, fish and dairy. HydroSafe with a higher level of humidity is more suited for fruits and vegetables. The company points out that they must be kept unwrapped for a better air flow in the compartment. The DuoCooling system with efficient and variable speed compressors ensures that air from different compartments is not exchanged. The new integrated model is priced at $5,479 has other premium features like the automatic ice maker. The fridge also has LED lighting, GlassLine fittings and a MagicEye control panel that displays the temperature readings digitally.

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