Elite Home Theater Seating Creates Dark Night Themed Theater for $2 Million

Home theater has become a mandatory amenity for a luxury home and with increasing demand lot of specialist players have emerged to cater to the demands of elite movie buffs who want their dream home theater room. Elite Home Theater Seating has captured the largest share of the market at the higher end of the home theater market. They specialize in creating theme based theaters for extraordinary cinematic experience. They provide the complete package of design, high end home theater equipment and furniture. They create the finest custom home theaters with themes based on Star Wars and Titanic.

Batsuits in the Theater Room

The latest project they are working on is a Dark Night Themed home theater. The project cost is around $2 million and is being built in a private home spread over 12,000 sq ft. The luxury home is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Dark Knight themed theater room being built in the luxury home has elements inspired by the Batcave theater room created earlier by BKZ Contractors for a die-hard batman fan. The new luxury theater will feature180” film screen with Batsuits on each side. There will be a life size Batsuit standing across the room and highlighted by backlights. There will be a total of six Batsuits throughout the theater room.

Chairs Inspired by Race Cars

There are several other unique features in the custom designed home theater. The dedicated stainless steel elevator for accessing the theater is cylindrical in shape and comes with a glowing bat symbol. There are winged gargoyles and a mock secret tunnel exit. The home theater chairs have designs inspired by race cars and gels well with the luxurious batmobile vehicles. The Exit gate has been designed like a tunnel measuring 30 feet. The designing of the project is complete and the implementation has been initiated. The home theater should be ready by November. In the recent past another creation by Elite Home Theaters that was appreciated a lot was a Pirates Themed Home Theater which they designed for a client in Palm Beach, Florida.

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