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If you are visiting London for the Olympics you would obviously like to buy something to remember London 2012. Almost anything and everything has been produced in the form of a gift for the occasion. Olympic Games at London is steaming ahead towards an exciting climax. Usain Bolt has just reaffirmed his position as the fastest man on earth and created a new record for 100meter sprint. Organizing this mega event is a very expensive affair and in the past cities hosting the games took quite some time to get over the financial crunch. But over the years marketing experts have made the Games into a money spinner. Now cities strive hard to get the honor of hosting the Games as it not only gives them prestige but also gives a fillip to their economy. London 2012 is no different. Anything that can be produced as a gift has been officially licensed and made available for purchase. It is all available in the Olympics gift shop located on the top floor of the John Lewis department store at the Westfield Shopping Centre near the Olympic Village.

Mind you, these gifts don’t come cheap as they have to pay the organizing committee in order to get the official tag. But you have a very wide choice. If you like the weird then you could go for a Garden Gnome on a pommel horse. Or if you like the unusual you could opt for stainless steel playing cards that is retailing for 650 British Pounds that works out to around $19.49 (US) per card.

If you want to stick to the traditional gifts you have the choice of the evergreen gift, the London 2012 Olympic Teddy Bear. This limited edition creation has been made in the UK and will cost you $125. However we must warn you that they look somewhat like an albino koala.

Buying a glorious sterling silver tea set to celebrate London 2012 makes a lot of sense. The price tag for the official pot is $311. We must again caution you that the tea tastes the same even if it is poured from an official pot.

If you think sunglasses are cool you have the coolest Oakleys. The unique feature is that it has interchangeable lenses. The sunglass is retailing for $240. Didn’t I tell you they are official?

If you are an art lover you have a wide choice of original artwork. However we cannot vouch for the quality of all of them.

Then there is something that will have special appeal for the British; the official London Olympics Team GB Heart Bracelet. It will make them feel like being part of the contingent of British athletes. It can be yours for $257.

Ralph Lauren has created a collection for the 2012 Olympic Games. There is women’s blazer ensemble in the collection that costs $598. We can only say that it could have been more stylish but since it is official you can’t really argue.

The most expensive item at the gift shop is hand cut work by Charles Fazzino a 3D artist who had done pieces for previous Olympics in Athens and Beijing. There are a limited number of pieces detailing London and the Olympics. They carry a price tag of $4,995.


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