Luxury Cruise Line Celebrity Cruises Features Glass Shower

The luxury cruise line Celebrity Cruises announced the addition of a new amenity to its Solstice Class cruise ship Celebrity Reflection’s 1,600-square-foot Reflection Suite, a unique all glass shower. It is a feature that looks like it has been adapted from a space ship. The unique shower juts out over the edge of the ship’s 14th deck. The positioning of the shower makes it that much more unique. And in case you are thinking about a glass shower not being very private, you need not worry as processed glass has been used to make it a worry free experience for the guests. Senior VP of Hotel Operations Lisa Lutoff-Perlo confirmed that special reflective glass has been used to offer breathtaking sea views while showering in complete privacy.

The Glass Can be Transformed from Transparent to Translucent

The makers of the glass shower have incorporated some advanced technology to further enhance the privacy factor. Apart from the reflective glass the shower also features ‘smart glass’ which can be transformed from transparent to translucent with the flick of a switch. There are special sensors installed in the shower that transform the glass automatically. It is a one of a kind luxury experience that the guests of Celebrity Cruises will enjoy. The Reflection Suite on Celebrity Reflection is not unique only for its shower but it is the first two bedroom suite on the cruise ship. The suite boasts of a 200 sq ft veranda with stunning views. The suite also entitles the guests to 24-hour European butler service.

Celebrity Cruises Features Five New Signature Suites

The cruise ship also features five new Signature Suites which are fairly spacious with each of them providing 400 sq ft of living space along with 118 sq ft of veranda. All the suites feature floor to ceiling windows that afford panoramic views. And above all the suites entitle the guests to 24×7 butler service. The suites are located in an exclusive area which can be accessed by a cardkey only. Celebrity Cruises provides you modern luxury experience and has now taken care of the most common complaint that cruise ships had tiny bathrooms. You would now want to shower repeatedly in the glass shower.

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