Harrods Launches its Christmas World 151 Days Before the Event

Christmas and the New Year is perhaps the most important season for the retail industry. They are at their creative best in putting together the most innovative Christmas window and generating new gift ideas. It is the crucial fortnight that helps a retailer make up any shortfall encountered through the year. Harrods is no different but it has noticed over the years that last minute shoppers always get stuck in the Christmas Eve crowds looking for the perfect present for the loved ones. Hence Harrods is being proactive this year and has opened its popular Christmas World department a full 151 days before the big event. It will not only help the shoppers but help the iconic department store increasing its share of the Christmas market.

Christmas World Boasts of Most Expensive Set of Christmas Crackers

The Christmas World was inaugurated by Father Christmas himself on the 26th of July 2012. It is a 8,000 sq ft shopping space dedicated exclusively to Christmas shopping. The decoration is appropriate with the shop featuring a spectacular giant snow globe village, a pop-up gingerbread Harrods, a mountaintop ski chalet and even a replica of the Tower of London. The most expensive set of Christmas crackers at Harrods worth £1,299 will be housed in the tower. The dedicated section also features an exclusive selection of Harrods Signature gifts, decorations and festive food. The Christmas World is situated on the second floor and the only thing missing is a pop up restaurant but even that might come up as we get closer to the season.

Harrods Have Grown into a Group

Harrods has retained its status as the most exclusive department stores in London because it has managed to reinvent itself with the changing times. It has always managed to get what their customer wants even if it is a Superyacht. And now Harrods has grown much beyond the store to become a significant group with different divisions involved in unrelated businesses. You now have Harrods Bank offering competitive, modern products delivered with excellence. You also have Air Harrods that offers VIP helicopter charter and helicopter management services. Another service that they now have aimed at their exclusive clientele is Harrods Estates that offers a unique portfolio of exclusive and sought-after properties.

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