Todd McFarlane’s Amazing Spiderman #328 Cover Art sold for $657,250

Todd McFarlane’s comic art has broken records again. At a Heritage Auction’s Signature Comics and Comic Art Auction held at Beverly Hills, Todd’s Amazing Spider Man Cover Art was auctioned off for a whopping $657,200. The original work was published in the Marvel comics way back in 1990 and shows spider man doing what he does best, entangling enemies in his mighty web! After this auction this sure will be counted amongst the most expensive comic art ever sold. Another of Todd’s work was auctioned for $358,500. This included the Spider Man #1 original art work.

When it comes to most expensive art we had earlier reported how freehand graffiti artist’s art was sold for $1,870,000 at a Sotheby’s auction and how the Scream also fetched a whopping $119.9 million at an auction. It was also reported some time ago that Paul Cezannes’  ‘The Card Players’ was bought by the royal family of Qatar for $250 million thus making it the most expensive painting.

The Most Expensive Spider Man is Earth Shattering!

You may wonder what this very amazing cover art actually looks like! Well, the look of it may actually give you the shivers for it shows spider man braving a Hulk like figure. You can almost see the earth shattering as these two powers come together. The cover art thinks Todd Hignite, Vice President of the Heritage auctions believes that Todd McFarlane’s work have some kind of a raw energy in them. That is why his works have made it to the top of the comic art world.

The Amazing Spider Man #328 Cover Art: A Description

The cover art that fetched a huge amount at the heritage auction is in perfect condition despite being a decade old! The Amazing Spider Man Cover Art which is also the most expensive now comes with the artist’s signature at the bottom. The size of this splendid piece of comic art is 10”× 15” of image area. The cover art does come with a glue stain on the sides, but we don’t think that matters so much for Todd’s Mc Farlane’s earth shattering rendition of spider man takes your eyes away from the tiny stain.

The Todd McFarlane and the Spider Man Connection

Todd McFarlane is a renowned cartoonist who has done wonder with his works on spider man. Also a toy designer, Todd Mcfarlane was the man behind spider man’s unique web which not only helps him swing from one building to another but also protests his people from some rather bizarre hulk like enemies. The web that Todd McFarlane designed was a far cry from the original web with Xs and lines. He gave us what we fondly called today the ‘spaghetti web’. When Todd McFarlane started work for the Amazing Spider Man #313 he was paid a mere $700. That was 1989. Switch to 2010 and the same cover art was sold for a jaw dropping $71,200. Todd McFarlane has redefined comic art and has taken it to a different level.

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