Smell like James Bond with the 007 Perfume

For all James Bond fans this piece of news will be like a breath of fresh and some very refreshing air. The new James Bond 007 perfume has been launched and this will be your only chance to smell like the very iconic spy. The perfume will be first be launched on the 15th of this month at the Harrods luxury store and will then be marketed in other European countries. Asia and North America will also get a whiff of the spy’s perfume. The prices of this very savvy perfume will start at $30 for a small bottle. So here your chance to smell like your favourite spy.

The 007 Perfume to Celebrate Bond’s 50th Birthday!

The latest 007 perfume is being launched for a reason. 2012 happens to be the 50th birthday of this very suave British spy, who has women swooning for him across the globe. Yes, it was in 1962 that the first Bond film Dr. No hit the theatre’s and altered the way spy movies were made. Also 2012 will witness the release of the much awaited Bond movie Skyfall. Bond fans are waiting for movie with tall the enthusiasm since it’s been a while since the last Bond film released. Also there were reports of the Bond production house, by the name of Eon going bankrupt. In order to mark this event Eon productions collaborated with Procter and Gamble to create this fine perfume.

The Perfume of a Spy

The bottle of the perfume with its coarse mesh resembles the many sleek cars that we see in many Bond films. It was the many gadgets that Bond uses time and again that also inspired the design of this bottle which has a stopper made of silver and looks like a ring.  Satin ribbon adorns the centre of the bottle and has engraved on it 007. The James Bond perfume bottle is made of glass and is dark green in colour. It truly represents the style and sophistication of the spy we love so much. The aroma of the perfume is a combination of cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, apple, lavender, moss and coumarin. Together with the fragrance of some moss and ferns they give you the actual whiff of a spy. However, not a single Bond actor has been roped in to advertise this perfume. Greg Williams who has worked on the advertisement campaigns of the last four Bond films focuses more on the spirit of this spy. He has sourced inspiration from Ian Flemings works and has kept the face of the spy a complete mystery.

Fragrance of the Bond Girl

We have seen earlier the launch of some Bond perfumes but the previous one was meant only for the Bong girls. Launched in 2008 the Bong girl perfume was created along with the release of the last Bind film, the Quantum of Solace. Gemma Arterton was the official ambassador of the perfume. The British actress also played the role of Agent Fields in the Bond movie.

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