Fashion Extravaganza at the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 is not just about sports. It’s also about style, luxury and fashion. As nations from all around the world are pushing limits and boundaries to bag as many golds and silvers, making style statements is definitely not being ignored. It’s quite refreshing to see athletes and players descend at the grounds wearing designer outfits. Designers have also offered their whole hearted support to the London Olympics, 2012, the world’s greatest sporting event by designing the best outfits for teams and individual players.

Fashion and sports go hand in hand and we have seen a fine blend of both in the sporting world. Tennis players like the William sisters, Maria Sharapova and others pay a good deal of attention to their costumes at international tennis events. It is not a surprise to witness this immense fashion interest in the London Olympic 2012. Fashion was at total display not only on the ground but at the spectator’s end also with the high end guests wearing the finest designer wear.

Let’s give you a glimpse of the number of designers involved in this gaming event of the year!

The ‘Fashionistas’ at the London Olympics 2012

The 2012 London Olympics saw a number of designers coming together to design the best gaming outfits for their nation’ teams. While some have been appreciated for their choice of colours some have also met with some criticisms. Here’s presenting the designers of 2012 Olympics.

Stella McCartney for Great Britain

The renowned designer took it upon herself to design the Olympic gear for the Great Britain team. She made the announcement in 2010 and unveiled her collection in March of this year. The colours of the Union Jack dominate her collection but with a difference.  The blue, red and white colour scheme reminds many of Stella’s previous collections. She teamed up with sports gear giant Adidas for her Olympic 2012 collection.

Giorgio Armani and Prada for Italy

If the devil can wear some Prada then so can the Italian Olympic sailing contingent.  Prada went all the way to design some fascinating costumes for the Italian team. The signature Prada red stripe dominates this collection as well and the gear has been made water proof to protect the team from any kind of discomfort while competing at Weymouth and Portland for the most coveted medals. You would want to know as to why Prada insisted on designing the sports gear of the sailing team. Patrizio Bertelli, the CEO of this fashion giant happens to be a keen sailor himself and his yacht has also been making its presence felt in the America’s Cup since 1997. It was but obvious that he would design the best sailing equipment for his nation’s team. While the sailing team was taken care of, Giorgio Armani designed the outfits for the Italian National Olympics team and went for an understated choice of colours – navy and white.

Cedella Marley for Jamaica

When it comes to the fastest runner in the world, the sports equipment better be good. Cedella Marley, fashion designer and daughter of legendary singer Bob Marley, designed the best sporting equipment for Usain Bolt. She worked in collaboration with Puma and the sporting gear was revealed at a fashion show in east London with Usain Bolt modelling the sporting equipment. The Jamaican palm tree and the colours of the tropical country also adorns the team’s sporting equipment.

Hermes for France

Hermes is always associated with elegance and sophistication and they have designed the French equestrian team in style. The green jacket and red collar are already making a style statement. For all you know it may very well become the most sought after equestrian costume in England.

Ralph Lauren and Nike for USA

The field and track team of the USA will descend in Nike Turbo Speed Suits. The blazing red suit can shave upto 0.023 seconds off racing times thereby giving some competition to the track star Usain Bolt. Ralph Lauren also accessorized and dressed up the Olympic national team with blazers, navy berets and red and white scarfs.

The Not So Very Fashionable Nations!

Big fashion houses may have designed the sporting equipment for their nations but there were also countries that were less popular on the fashion front. The Spanish costumes with red and gold have not been very well accepted and the Russians also fall in the same league. Their London Olympic 2012 gear was designed by sporting giant Bosco. The Czechs descended in white shorts and blue wellington rain boots. The German national flag colours did not make an appearance this time and were replaced by pink for girls and blue for the boys!

Celebrity Spectators and their Outfits

At the opening ceremony one could also see spectators arrive in designer outfits. While Michelle Obama chose to wear J. Mendel white dress the wife of David Cameron wore a red and black Roksanda Illincic outfit. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly wore a Christopher Kane blue satin and belted coat dress.

Olympic Fashion Extravaganza in London

Many designers also wanted Londoners to dress in style whilst the Olympics were in full swing and therefore came up with an interesting Olympic collection. An Olympic themed costume for women was launched by Karl Lagerfeld and will be at display at the Selfridge’s. The collection will be called the Team Karl. H&M also has launched two pop up London Olympics 2012 stores.

It sure is the most fashionable Olympics we have ever seen till date!


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