‘The Diamond Sterling’ is the Most Expensive Tequila at $3.5 Million

There is a serious challenge coming up for the title of the most expensive tequila. It’s a 1.3 liter, one of a kind bottle named ‘The Diamond Sterling’ which has been valued at a whopping $3.5 million. A rough calculation will put the cost of one liter of the spirit at over $2.5 million. We have seen very expensive wines and most expensive cocktail but this kind of price for a beverage is unheard of. After all what makes the bottle of tequila so expensive? It is not the spirit inside the bottle that has made it expensive but the way the bottle has been designed and created has inflated the price to unimaginable levels.

Most Expensive Tequila Bottle Designed by Fernando Altamirano

The tequila in the Diamond Sterling bottle is good but not unique or exclusive. It is 7-year-old 100 percent agave tequila distilled by Hacienda La Capilla. But the focus now is on the bottle which was created by Tequila Ley .925. The man behind the design of the bottle is the Mexican artist Fernando Altamirano. This is not his first lavishly designed bottle. In fact he had made a bottle of platinum and white gold which had fetched a price of $225,000 in 2006. The artist has gone much beyond his earlier design. The Diamond Sterling is a five pound bottle crafted out of platinum but what makes it extra special are the details created with 4,000 diamonds weighing a total of 328 carats.

The Bottle on Display at Spec’s Superstore Downtown, Houston

The bottle hasn’t been sold as yet and is currently on tour to European and Middle Eastern capitals to give an opportunity to people to see it and understand its value. It hasn’t yet received the title of the most expensive bottle of tequila but it is sure to get it as soon as it is sold. The bottle is on display currently at Houston at Spec’s Superstore Downtown. However the visitors will not be able to taste the tequila but can see the bottle from a distance. However, there are other options of very good tequila that seem inexpensive compared to the designer bottle, Gran Patrón Burdeos, for instance, costs just $649, and Don Julio Real falls in at $350.

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