Meet The ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’: Go Green With Envy

A new Tumblr blog called “Rich Kids of Instagram” is making headlines as the photo blog features photographs of wealthy kids – none of them beyond their early 20s – living it up like only ridiculously wealthy can. Moreover, the photographs featured on the blog have been Instagrammed by the kids themselves. Think about what you would do if mommy and daddy had endless cash and if money did seem to grow on trees. You would buy fancy cars, travel in private jets and party at the most expensive places in the world. Here are kids who are literally living your dream.

Who Are These Rich Kids?

They are young, restless, ridiculously rich, and probably, fabulously spoilt. They are also tech-savvy and habitual Instagram users, especially when they set out on vacations to such pricey locations as Saint-Tropez, travel in or pose outside private helicopters, receive ultra-expensive luxury cars for their birthday and attend Sunday BBQs at palatial mansions. The blog’s tagline goes, “They have more money than you and this is what they do.” The anonymous blogger behind “Rich Kids of Instagram” sets the photos in gilt frames, just for effect.

Why Are The Rich Kids Drawing So Much Flak?

The flak is simply because they are rich kids. They have wealthy parents, unlimited cash to just throw around, and they probably have not worked a day in their lives. It may be a tad unfair to criticize these young boys and girls for being born to parents who are loaded, but given the difficult economic scenario around the world, regular folk cannot help grudging this one percent of the population their ability to live these unbelievably carefree lives. There has been much derision for the teens and 20-somethings featured in the blog, simply because they have not done anything to “earn” these goodies.

How Are The Rich Kids Reacting?

Meanwhile, the stars of these photos of the luxury life may or may not be pleased with the unexpected attention. One of them, 19-year-old Annabel Schwartz has been widely reported as saying that she and her friends find it “very embarrassing”. Annabel and her friends are pictured posing outside at helicopter during a vacation in Saint-Tropez, France. Annabel has stated that she would like for the blog to be taken down, adding that there is more to her friends and herself than their “father’s credit card”.

How Was “Rich Kids of Instagram” Born?

Annabel is a fashion designer. Her girlfriend is studying for a degree at Cornell. But the regular Jills and Joes do not really care. They are fascinated by the photos of these lavish luxury lifestyles. They may not always approve of the way money is being splashed around, but they cannot take their eyes off the photos. No wonder that the Tumblr blog has become an instant viral sensation. The blogger behind “Rich Kids of Instagram” prefers to remain anonymous but has already confessed that he stumbled upon these decadent lives thanks to a few misspelled searches. The blog has already garnered many followers, and looks like it is here to stay.

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