Wider Yachts Release Unique Design Details of Wider 150

Wider Yachts is relatively a new player in the field of luxury yacht makers. The company, founded in 2010, established itself as a serious player with their 42 footer Wider 42 and is now striving hard to catch up with the leading manufacturers by announcing its brand new luxury mega yacht Wider 150. They have now come up with many more details about the proposed yacht and has been successful in catching the attention of the industry and the discerning consumers. They are trying to match the demands of the market with their preference for open cruisers. Their layouts are unique and their designs always incorporate a wide cockpit.

The Yacht Features Many Terraces and Platforms

Tilli Antonelli, who had earlier founded Pershing and served as its President left it in 2010 and established Wider. He claims that he is an open minded person who cannot simply stand and watch or sit still. He believes in pushing the envelope further and that’s what has driven him to establish Wider and he is in a hurry to create a distinct identity for the yacht maker. Wider 150 is a decisive step in that direction. The new yacht is not exactly 150 feet long, as the name suggests but it is close to it at 148 feet. The mega yacht will feature many terraces and platforms that are innovatively designed to fold out to create additional space.

Fulvio de Simoni has Designed the Yacht

The Yacht has been designed by Fulvio de Simoni who has released a short video to give you a feel of the exterior of the yacht and its features. There is a 23 feet long pool on the lower deck. The sides fold out to create lounging room and allow light and fresh air in the pool area. It also serves as a swimming platform with convenient water entries. The launching system incorporated in the design is simple and user friendly. The owner can sail in and out of the open yacht rather easily. It makes it very convenient for them to do some exploring in a smaller vessel. There is a one car garage in the rear in case you want to have your own luxury transport wherever you dock.

The Top deck will Feature a Helipad

When not in use, the platforms fold in very neatly to close the rear end of the yacht. On the top deck there is enough space to create a helipad. According to reports carried by Mega Yacht News the interiors of the yacht will be customized according to the preferences of the owner. They would however like to integrate the outward design with the interiors. The layout has been very well thought out. A lounge has been incorporated in the master suite’s bedroom. The two living areas can be separated with a sliding wall. The yacht has four guest and crew cabins which can accommodate a total of 12 guests and 7 crew members. The yacht will feature carbon fiber and diesel electric propulsion and achieve a cruising speed of 14mph. The yacht will be capable of running on battery power with a full charge lasting 8 hours in which it can cover 50 miles. It will save you fuel and money when doing short hops along the coast. Camper & Nicholsons have the exclusive rights to sell the yacht which has been priced at $26,852,000 with a delivery date in 2014.

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