Richard Mille 030 is a Limited Edition Watch

The Richard Mille 030 luxury watch has been launched and is limited edition. It took over four years to create this master time piece. The design of the watch is simply unique and can send any expensive watch lover in some kind of a luxurious tizzy. Only 25 pieces of this technically intriguing watch have been made available, so if you happen to be a Richard Mille luxury watches admirer, you will have to hurry up.

Richard Mille is known to have brought about a revolution in watch making. Every Richard Mille watch is known for its exquisite detailing and is meant only for the elite. He has created watches in the past for which the rich and loaded have paid tonnes of cash. So what makes his watches so unique? Well, for starters they are technically superior to any other watch. They represent a unique character and are known to have some specialized designs which no other watch can emulate. Richard Mille has been attributed to bring mechanics out of the domain of automobiles and aviation to the world of luxury watches. It is perhaps for this very that Richard Mille has acquired a name in the world of watches.

Let’s give you some more information in this latest line of watches.

The RM 030 Black Out and Black Rose Limited Edition Watch

The RM 030 Black Out is perhaps the darkest Richard Mille watch ever made. The watch comes with a black strap which is made of rubber and has a deployant buckle. The inner bezel, numeral and crown protector in this watch is also black. The heavy black undertone is however broken by the red colour which appears on the winding indicator, power reserve, seconds’ hands and date aperture.

The Black Rose is also very intriguing. The RM 030 Black Rose is adorned with back and bezel of rose gold. It also features a red crown protector, a date aperture and an hours, minutes and seconds hands. The watch also features a black DLC titanium caseband. The numerals of this watch is white and it also comes with a black rubber starp.

How does the RM 030 Function?

The RM 030 also has a unique style of functioning. The small turning rotor which winds the automatic wristwatch is driven depending on the movements of the person wearing the watch. The winding barrel gets energised as a result of the rotation of the rotor. Once it reaches its final optimal point the watch is fully wound. Over winding in the watch is also avoided by applying a very interesting method. Once the watch reaches a point where the over winding can occur then the sliding flange in the watch allows the spring to slip. Over winding is thereby prevented.

While this system of avoiding over winding may sound interesting it has its own downturns. As a result of severe flange release a lot of debris may settle in the winding barrel and can affect the watch’s chronometric result. But Richard Mille devised a very unique technology to avoid such a situation. According to this new age technology, the rotor automatically disconnects itself from the winding barrel. Best chronometric performance is achieved by linking this mechanism to the power reserve indicator.

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