Air Baltic to Sell Real Estate in-Flight

The Latvian airline Air Baltic now intends to sell real estate to its on board passengers. The airline was already known for selling expensive in-flight items such as Mini Coppers which were worth a staggering €25,000. Gone are the days when you would buy a travelling bag, a pair of sunglasses or a perfume while flying. Air Baltic means serious business this time around. The airline apparently has suffered some serious losses in 2011. The losses cost the airline a jaw dropping €100 million. The airline has however come up with a restructuring plan wherein they hope that they will get back on track by 2014. In 2012 itself Air Baltic is expecting to lose another €50 million. Selling houses and real estate properties on air is perhaps one of their strategies to get back in business. Quite a thought!

We wonder what it would be like to buy your own house while you are air bound. I guess this what they mean when they say building castles in the air!

Buy a House on your next Air Baltic Flight

The Latvian airline, Air Baltic operates flights from Riga hub to over 60 destinations worldwide. So how do you buy property while flying mid air? Because we are sure none of us would want to make such a heavy investment when flying 30,000 feet above sea level. Air Baltic makes this very unthinkable thought true and also something worth giving a shot. After all if the property is worth buying, what difference does it make if you are on land, water or flying high above the mighty skies, when you have to the seal the deal!While on board the Air Baltic you will be given €30 vouchers, which are around $36.  Once you buy the voucher you can save over €9,500 which is around $11,530, when you are finally purchasing the property from the broker.

Special Discounts and Properties which you can by in-Flight

The Air Baltic offer also includes many features, special discounts and a list of properties that you can choose from. The list includes a luxury fully furnished apartment at Martas street. The €9,500, which is around $11,530, on parking comes with a 50% discount. And the apartment is also worth a whopping €239,000. Discounts are also offered on several other luxurious properties in some very plush locales. While on board the Air Baltic you can also think of buying the luxury apartments at Lake Coast, called the Pearl. The property is worth a staggering €145,000, which is worth $176,000. You can expect a €2000 worth of discount on these very luxurious homes when you buy them in-flight the Air Baltic. A €1500, which will be around $1820, worth of discount is available on real estate properties in Marsili, Baltezers. These plots are otherwise available for €25.

At a time when real estate shopping has become such an integral part of our lives, we think it’s after all not such a bad idea to buy some land on air.

Happy Shopping!

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