America’s Most Expensive Chefs

They cook up a storm in the kitchen and outside by earning a million dollars every year. For chefs today, it’s not just about cooking fancy meals. It’s also about entertaining their million fans on TV and also providing the many avid cookery book readers with tonnes of information. Chef’s today don many hats, besides, their own toque. They are now more of celebrities who have their own reality shows and don’t mind taking on as full time writers also. As a result many of them walk away home with hefty pay checks.

Now that chefs are also counted as the rich and loaded and becoming an integral part of the elite world, we thought we will also give you a glimpse of how much moolah is raked in by your favourite chef who by the way is also a celebrity in his own right!

Have a look!

Gordan Ramsay

Age: 45 years

How much does he make?  $38 Million

Popular Shows: Hell’s Kitchen

He may create quite a hell in his kitchen and is also a living nightmare for the many contestants on his show, but Gordon Ramsay is America’s top earning chef. He makes $38 Million and hit the limelight with his show the Hell’s Kitchen. Besides he also owns 23 restaurants across the globe. If that was not enough he will soon come out with another show called Hotel Hell where he intends to help struggling hoteliers.

Rachael Ray

Age: 43 years

How much does she make?  $25 Million

Popular Hits: 30 Minute Meals

It’s no surprise that Ray made it to the list for she was guided by a mentor like Oprah Winfrey! Rachael Ray’s style of cooking is not meant for fancy restaurants perhaps that are why she does not own one. She focuses on everyday regular food. She made an appearance in the world of food by shows like $40 a Day and 30 Minutes Meal. Her latest book to hit the stands is titled The Book of Burger.

Wolfgang Puck

Age: 63 years

How much does he make?  $20 Million

Popular Hits: Spago

Wolfgang Puck’s pizzas and soups can send anyone in an endearing gastronomic journey! The chef owns a chain of fine restaurants around the world. The list also includes some express counters along with casual places to eat. Supermarkets are stocked with his soups and pizzas and he now intends to take his expertise to the cyber world wherein he will give some cooking tips along with some party planning ideas!

Paula Deen

Age: 65 years

How much does she make?  $17 Million

Popular Hits: Buttery Southern Cooking

For all those who like butter would love to indulge in some Paula Deen cooking. Her bestseller Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible is as popular as the chef herself. The chef who was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes has lost a lot of weight after exercising some moderation. Which we think means no butter in her diet. But the chef’s still going strong with her TV shows, magazines and deals with Walmart and Smithfield.

Mario Batali

Age: 51 years

How much does he make?  $13Million

Popular Hits: Babbo

The chef is known for his popular restaurant Eataly in New York’s Fifth Avenue. Since skinny actresses was not what he liked and thus he starting working on the new show titled The Chew. Mario has also diversified into pasta sauces, wines, and licensing pepper mills which ensure that he walks away with a hefty pay check in his pocket.

Alan Ducasse

Age: 55 years

How much does he make?  $12 Million

Popular Hits: 33 Michelin Stars

A French chef, Alan Ducasse runs a Parisian cooking school along with many restaurants across Europe. But the chef is best known for his fine dining restaurant at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. He’s one of those chefs who have earned three Michelin stars for his restaurants in three cities. In Europe it is the Chef’s Le Relais and Le Louis XV in Paris that have turned him into a brand!

Todd English

Age: 51 years

How much does he make?  $11 Million

Popular Hits: Olives

The celebrity chef is not only known for his cooking but has been in the news for several other reasons. Like the fire which gutted his popular restaurant Olives in Boston. The restaurant is back and with a bang. The chef also had to shut his other restaurant called Kingfish Seafood for he owed $1 Million in debt. The chef then sold himself on the web for $25000 and gave a lucky guy some cooking lessons.

Nobu Matsuhisa

Age: 63 years

How much does he make?  $10 Million

Popular Hits: Nobu

Nobu and Robert DeNiro partnered and together they opened the best sushi restaurant in New York, Dallas and even Moscow. All this started when Robert tasted the best sushi at Nobu’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. The chef now owns 31 sushi restaurants.

Bobby Flay

Age: 47 years

How much does he make?  $9 Million

Popular Hits: Mesa Grill

He started off with some spicy Mexican food and now makes the best burgers in town at Burger Palace. At the restaurant guests can add potato chips to their choice of burgers along with some milkshakes. A popular face on TV he also owns some fine dining restaurants like the Mesa Grill.

Guy Fieri

Age: 44 years

How much does he make?  $8 Million

Popular Hits: Diners, Dive-Ins and Drives

Guy is indeed a popular guy on the television with many TV shows like the very famous Diners, Dive-Ins and Drives and Food Network Star. Guy has quite a fan following and also an electrifying personality that has made him star more than a celebrity.



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