The Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa by Anantara in Abu Dhabi

The hotel business is back in Abu Dhabi and with a bang. Just when we thought that the hospitality sector was going through a decline in this rich city of the Sheikhs, the Eastern Mangrove by Anantara hotel has put Abu Dhabi back on track. The hotel and spa which opened in June is the epitome of luxury and is nothing short of opulence. It also boasts of having the largest suite in UAE called the Royal Mangroves Residence. It’s a massive ten bedroom suite and is meant only for the rich and loaded!

Luxury hotels are common in the UAE and the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray leaves you awe struck with its grand interiors and the many restaurants and bars. The JW Marriot Marquis Dubai is being slated as the tallest hotel in Dubai at 1,164 feet which is a jaw dropping figure indeed. Spread across 54,895 square feet the hotel will have 807 rooms and also has facilities for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and other incentives. The hospitality sector in Dubai is brimming with luxury and not long ago at the Fairmont hotel guests were charged with a bill of $105,000 and that too only for drinks. The stories of the economic slowdown in Dubai were put to rest after the news of this exorbitant spending. While luxury’s available galore on land, Dubai also intends to explore the underwater world. Dicus the underwater hotel will be one of its kind in the world with some rooms submerged in water! To add to the glitter of the Dubai skyline is the Apeiron Dubai hotel , which can be accessed only by yacht and will have over 350 luxury suites.

Luxury amidst Mangroves

It is the very location of the Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa by Anantara that makes it the most sought after the luxury hotel in Dubai. The hotel is situated right in the heart of the urban centre of the city but the back drop of the exotic mangroves and brings out the rich cultural and natural heritage of Dubai. The Emirati life comes alive in this luxurious hotel located amongst mangroves.

The Arabian Getaway

As you enter the hotel, grand Arabian interiors welcome you along with a cup of traditional coffee and dates offered by a falconer. The majestic halls and corridors are replete with the traditional Arabian architecture and so are the central passageways. Don’t miss the arched ceilings which might take you back to the Aladdin era! The hotel is the finest piece of architecture so far and also already making waves for its grandiose structure.

The Luxury Rooms and Suites

The hotel has over 200 rooms that offer comfort along with luxury. The traditional Emirati décor also makes its presence felt in the Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa by Anantara rooms. However, it is the Royal Mangrove Residence that boasts of ten rooms and a rooftop with a swim bar. What it also offers is a limo service along with a butler and a massage therapist.

Other Facilites

The Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa by Anantara also offers an interesting choice of cuisine at the Paychaylen. One can also unwind and relax at the Anantara spa. There’s also a gym and a place to relax at the gazebo. Take a kayak ride and explore the mangroves.

A deluxe balcony room will cost you $165.

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