Tamara Mellon Fuels Speculation About her New Lifestyle Venture

Tamara Mellon with Jimmy Choo behind her is the subject of constant speculation. Since last November when she stepped down as the chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo, she has generally been enjoying being a billionaire without any direct responsibilities. She is living with her ten year old daughter Minty and vacationing with friends like Marc Jacobs. But can you keep a creative billionaire like Tamara Mellon down for a long time. In the absence of any official announcement from her side the industry is speculating and trying to read the straws in the wind. Frankly, it is high time that she started something significant and there is some indication, however indirect that she might be starting something new.

Tamara Appears in a Guest Spot on Jane By Design

Tamara Mellon has not said anything officially and there are no facts or figures that indicate any activity towards setting up a new business. But she was starring in a cameo on ABC Family’s Jane By Design. She appeared in a guest spot and played herself. In that episode she is shown trying to recruit Andie MacDowell’s character, Gray Chandler Murray for the new company she is starting. In the episode she says, “Well, now that I have you here, how am I going to lure you over to my new company?” The fictional character is afraid of his employer so she persists, “At least listen to my offer — you know you’d be happy with us.”

Fiction Threatens to Become Reality

This could be pure fiction but it has fueled huge speculation. Everyone would like to believe that it is a clear indication that Tamara Mellon is on to something new. They feel it is her smart way of dropping broad hints and preparing her fans and admirers for a major announcement about her comeback. It is clear that there is a sense of anticipation about her future move. She has a large fan base that she can target easily and depend upon if she starts something new. And that’s why it is easy to believe that the accessories mogul maybe planning a new lifestyle venture. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for another fictional show assess what is going on in Tamara Mellon’s mind.

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