Wider 42 Expands in the Middle to Provide More Deck Space

There have been many luxury yachts in the news lately. Luxury yachts like Told U So, Roma and Z Boat have been listed for sale and Antagonist Speed Boat has been showcased for its wooden structure and elegant design. The concept of expanding a home to increase the living space is quite common with motor homes and camping trailers. There are many models that unfold or open out to expand in order to increase the amount of living space inside. The concept has been applied for the first time to a yatch. The yacht builder who has adopted this approach is Wider yacht who have created the first seaborne vessel which has a midsection that expands to increase the usable deck space. The extended deck also provides easier access to the water. The concept has been well adapted to the yacht and made it more useful.

The Yacht Serves as a Floating Patio

The mid section of Wider 42 moves out on both sides and creates in the process some sort of a balcony on each side. The extensions are supported by floats to provide greater stability to the yacht. It is to ensure that the yacht doesn’t lean to one side or the other when people walk from one side to the other. Unlike a motor home these extensions don’t increase the living space on the yacht. They simply add to the deck space. Wider 42 has been designed to serve as a home base for water activities or simply serve as a floating patio. The yacht has a dock and a matching jet ski is perched on its stern.

This Small Yacht is as Luxurious as Bigger Yachts

Wider 42 is a luxurious and opulent yacht. Every feature it has is perhaps the best in its category. It has very innovatively incorporated the engineering and mechanisms needed to make the craft extend and expand its mid section. It is a relatively small yacht when compared to some of the luxury yachts that are being made today. Despite its smaller size the vessel doesn’t come cheap because of its superior engineering and features. The very basic version of the model will cost you at least $1.12 million. As you go on adding features to it the price tag will keep climbing upwards.

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