Silver Whisper to Cruise the World in 115 Days

It’s an adventure filled with luxury. Silver Whisper, the luxury cruise line, is all set to explore the world in 115 days and give its many guests a taste of luxury. The cruise will tour 28 countries and about 52 destinations around the world. The Silver Whisper will set sail on the 5th of January 2013 from Los Angeles and arrive at Ft. Luaderdale on the 1st of May 2013. One can only imagine how exciting this adventure will be for those on board.

The Silver Whisper luxury adventure, as we chose to call it now, would have given Phileas Fogg and his travel partner Passepartout from the Jules Verne adventure  novel, Around the World in Eighty Days a sheer amount of jealousy. Although their journey around the world was filled with excitement but it surely missed out on the luxury factor. It was devoid of luxury suites, sumptuous meals, fine works and all those things that the elite savour. Luxury cruises have been in vogue for some time now and cruise companies are pushing the limits to make it an experience of a lifetime for their guests. Cruises now are not just about a few days off land but aim at exploring unknown territories, even if it’s the Arctic.

Let’s give you more insights into the world of Silver Whisper!

The Silver Whisper Cruises the World in 115 Days

When the Silver Whisper leaves for this remarkable journey it will have 382 guests on board and will visit some rather exotic locations.

Priced at $48,114 per person for double occupancy, the Silver Whisper will visit India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Madagascar, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Mozambique.

After having explored the Indian Ocean it will also make its presence felt in the West African coats and the South African harbours. The Silver Whisper will sail through the seas of Central America, the pristine waters of the Caribbean and then touch base at its final destination the Ft. Lauderdale.

It’s not just visiting these exotic locations that are a part of the Silver Whisper luxury adventure. Before boarding the ship and setting sail on this remarkable journey, you can enjoy your accommodation at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel.

While at the hotel don’t forget to avail the complimentary laundry service.Facilities such as airport, ship and airport transfers will also be made available to guests along with some fancy reception dinners.

Once on board, the amenities only increases and it also includes an exclusive dinner at the China Club in Singapore and a Night in the Winelands in Cape Town.

The stay at this resort hotel in South Africa will also include accommodation for the night along with some wine tasting and a very fancy dinner.

From the wine tasting experience in South Africa relax in the dunes of Africa where you can enjoy some sumptuous meals at the Walvis Bay in Namibia.While on board the Silver Whisper you will enjoy a full time butler service in your suites, complimentary soft drinks and champagnes. You can also dine with fine wines.

There’s also an option for shorter trips, just in case you aren’t a keen explorer like Phileas Fogg. The price range for shorter trips is $5,000-$12,400.

Via Luxury Travel Magazine 


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