Luxury Lifestyle of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Another glass ceiling has shattered. Not only has Yahoo appointed a new CEO, but she is also pregnant. Marissa Mayer is the woman of the hour, both for her workaholic reputation and her millionaire lifestyle. One of the earliest employees to be hired by a fledgling Google (she was either the 20th or the 16th worker to be hired), she has worked her way up, becoming one of the most powerful women in the world. Her new position at Yahoo is fraught with challenges, most notably, that of bringing the former tech giant at par with current leaders Google and Facebook.

Mayer’s years of experience at Google should be of help. According to reports, she played a hand in designing the present and familiar Google home page. Can she steer Yahoo to the heights of success yet again? Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, we might as well get familiar with this brilliant young woman who combines spreadsheets with cupcakes and tech codes with fashion.

Oscar De La Renta Fan

The new Yahoo CEO is a big fan of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. In a 2009 interview she iterated that her three-quarter-sleeved Oscar de la Renta cashmere cardigan is one of the things that makes her happiest. Said cardigan features enamel buttons and pointelle detailing. She liked the cardigan so much that she bought four of them, in different colors. The fascination for the Oscar de la Renta cardigan was on display during Christmastime, when she bought 20 more such cardigans to gift to friends. It bears noting that the cardigans were priced at about $2,700 each.

Fashionable Geek

She may be an expert in artificial intelligence, but she always has a soft spot for an Omega watch she bought back in 2002. The Omega de Ville was bought in Zurich. It features a gold face and a stainless steel band. When she is not wearing de la Renta, she is turning up in Carolina Herrera. She probably has a good collection of Manolo Blahniks to go with her high-fashion wardrobe.

She has a personal shopper to help her with her wardrobe. But her shopping trips are limited to twice a year. That is when she stocks up on her favorite designers. Apart from ones already mentioned, she also enjoys wearing Etro, Tuleh, Angela Sanchez and Armani. She is frequently spotted toting her simple black Chanel bag; the retail price is $4,000 and above.

Every Saturday morning is dedicated to her beautification routine from hair-styling and highlights to manicure, pedicure and the works. Moreover, methodical Marissa books the appointments some two months in advance.

Fairy Tale Wedding

If you were a millionaire, you too would see to it that your wedding is the stuff of fairy tales. At her own wedding – to the equally rich and dashing Zack Bogue – Mayer wore an elaborate Reem Acra wedding gown. “Sweet Genius” show host Ron Ben-Israel was responsible for the wedding cake. Meanwhile, guests were treated to a lavish feast that included delectables like lobster and caramelized beef. Providing the music was popular American rock band The Killers. Incidentally, Mayer met Bogue in 2007. The handsome husband appears to be as much of a workaholic as his successful spouse is. He does time as a lawyer, an investment manager, an athlete and a philanthropist.

Millionaire Home

Mayer and Bogue share three homes. Bogue has a top-floor apartment in the SoMa area in San Francisco while Mayer has a penthouse in the Four Seasons in San Francisco and another house in Palo Alto. The Four Seasons’ penthouse is the couple’s main residence. Step inside and you will notice plenty of expensive glass artwork by the ever-expensive and talented Dale Chihuly. Apparently, his artworks cost about $15,000 each. She heads to the Palo Alto home after late nights at the office. (Will this practice continue following Mayer’s shift to Yahoo?)

How Does She Unwind?

There are plenty of stories about Marissa Mayer the workaholic. What does she do in her free time? Apparently, Mayer and her husband love to cook. They also like participating in marathons and triathlons. You might not know but this software geek once took ballet lessons. The couple also loves skiing and are frequently spotted holidaying in Vail. She may be taking her laptop everywhere she goes, but she does not seem to be missing out on life. That brings us to the matter of her pregnancy.

Pregnant CEO

Mayer has already announced that she does not plan to take more than a few weeks of maternity leave, and that she will be working throughout. Her statement is not out of tune with Mayer the ambitious careerist. However, there are valid concerns about whether a new mother can feed and care for a newborn while handling work responsibilities as well. The sheer physical and mental strain, not to mention sleep deprivation, could put a spoke in the wheels. Not being a mother yet, Mayer may be being a tad optimistic. But then, she can afford an army of expensive nurses if the need arises. Moreover, the folks over at Yahoo are unlikely to grudge her flexible working hours.

On Her Friendlist

As a long time executive at Yahoo, Mayer has amassed some pretty amazing contacts. In the early 2000s, she even dated Google co-founder Larry Page for awhile. One of the biggest advantages of having her enviable contact list was revealed in 2010, when she roped in American President Barack Obama to speak at a fundraiser organized at her home. You could not attend that event unless you were rolling in wealth; admission fees were a staggering $30,000 per head.

Criticism And Praise

When you are as big as Marissa Mayer, there is bound to be some criticism. Some ex-colleagues who worked with Mayer in their early years in Google describe her as something of a bully and a tough taskmaster. However, these same qualities help her deliver good results. It is this quality that Yahoo will be hoping to tap into as she walks into her new office and attempts. Can Marissa Mayer transform Yahoo into a force to be reckoned with again? Wait and watch!

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