Ribbon LED Desk Lamp is Infinitely Adjustable

‘Fully adjustable’, acquires a new meaning when you see the LED desk lamp designed by Alberto Fraser. The new lamp is infinitely adjustable and is ideal for people who want a light source to be as close to whatever they are working on as possible. The lamp has a transparent PVC neck that makes it incredibly flexible and stable. It stays steady in whichever posture you keep it. And that is precisely its USP. The flexible structure in transparent PVC has been beautifully designed to give it a sleek and elegant appearance. Reflector and transformer have been cased in polycarbonate to make them secure and long lasting.

Lumen Center Italia Creates Another Masterpiece

The lamp has been made by Lumen Center Italia, who in their thirty year existence have established themselves as a respected design house in the interior lighting sector. They haven’t positioned themselves as a big manufacturer but a great laboratory where designers, architects, engineers, technicians and craftsmen come together to develop and create lighting equipment that not only touches your heart but impress you with their functionality. The new lamp is also a design in the same tradition. It has a touch sensitive base that allows you to turn the lamp on or off with a gentle tap. The brightness of the lamp can also be adjusted with the swipe of your finger. It is perhaps the most sleek and convenient desk lamp in the market today.

The Lamp Carries a Heavy Price Tag

But all this comes at a price as the adjustable LED lamp has been priced beyond $500. Currently the lamp is available in only two basic color options of black and white. If the lamp receives a good response from the market despite its heavy price tag, I am sure the lamp will become available in many other colors. The base of the lamp is epoxy-lacquered and can be finished in any glossy color. Like the phones and the tablets the ‘touch control’ is making an entry to the home appliances and we are sure to see it used more often in different appliances. Lumen Center Italia, the makers of the lamp were taken over by Villa Tosca Design Management in 2000 but have continued with their good work.

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