Perlick Corporation Launches Refrigerated Drawers for Your Bathroom

Customizing a product for a different application enhances its appeal. Refrigerated bathroom vanity drawers are one such example. Refrigerators have been there for a long-long time. You have then in all sizes but you normally don’t have one in a bathroom. So, this is what is new about these refrigerated drawers. They have been designed specifically for the bathrooms. Made by a company called Perlick, the innovative product is being offered in a wide range. These drawers are meant to safely store organic or other personal hygiene products. It will come in handy for storing your makeup or even medication.

Perlick Corporation are Leaders in Refrigeration Equipment

The refrigerated drawers by Perlick will help you extend the life of your personal products by maintaining the perfect temperature required for it. Perlick Corporation, founded in 1917, is the national leader total package bar and beverage systems. Their experience in custom refrigeration equipment is enormous. Their beer dispensing equipment are very popular. Apart from commercial models they have a wide range of residential products and models and this refrigerated bathroom vanity drawer is a new creation in the segment. They are known for their elegant refrigerated cabinets that are designed and crafted with a variety of exclusive features that appeal even to the most discriminating homeowner.

A Perfect Addition to Your Luxurious Bathroom

The bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious in modern homes. The time we spend in our bathrooms is also on the increase. And so it makes perfect sense to have a safe refrigerated drawer for things you might need while you luxuriate in your modern bathroom. You might even need refreshments and provisions while you are there. From the point of view of hygiene also it is a must to have something like the drawers Perlick Corporation has made. They are offering the drawers in a wide range and the prices start from $3,000. These are not simple fridge and it would not be fair to compare their prices with them. The drawers have been designed and created with all the experience and expertise of Perlick who are known for delivering the best.

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