Spa House in Cape Town South Africa has Water as Its Primary Experience

Modern architecture has created some of the most luxurious and comfortable structures. Spa House, located in a coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa is also the creation of a modern architecture has been developed based one of the natural elements: water. There are pools of water almost everywhere in the house which has spa facilities comparable to the best in the world. That’s how it has got its name but it also has other recreational facilities in addition to luxurious accommodations for living.

The House Inspires a Sense of Serenity and Relaxation

The location of the house inspires a sense of serenity and relaxation and that could have been the reason for integrating the spa into it. The house seems to be suspended over a large waterscape. The designers of the building claim that water constitutes the primary experience of the building. The underwater spa with its large viewing windows creates a sense of mystery. The mountainside home has spacious rooms and all of them have large size windows for un restricted views of the water and the mountain. The house has distinct sections but all of them are connected also by foot paths.

The Spa House Overlooks the Hout Bay and Harbor

The mountainside home overlooks the Hout Bay and the harbor. The sandstone formations create a powerful surrounding for the house and the design successfully integrates the building with its landscape. The guest house and the entertainment areas are important part of the house. In fact the guest house has a very dramatic design as it projects over a large waterscape towards the mountain and the sea. The dining area has been created below the water level and the pool decks have been designed like islands that are accessible by a bridge. The building works as a wind break protecting the pool from the south-easterly winds raking down the mountainside in summer. The base and the ground floor of the building is almost entirely made of concrete and the superstructure is of steel which is covered with shiplap boards on timber studwork. The Spa House is an example of perfection in design.

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