Cervélo designs the P5 Aerodynamics Bike

Cervélo has designed the most aerodynamic bike to give you a unique biking experience. Called the P5 Aerodynamics bike, Cervélo has engineered it with superior technology to make you believe that you are riding in thin air. If you are ridding the new Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike rest assured you will enjoy a hurdle free ride and will feel less or absolutely zero resistance from air. The bike comes with a price tag of $6000 which we say is very expensive for a regular bike, but since it’s a sports bike with some very special aerodynamics technology, the cost is not too bad.

A Canadian manufacturer, Cervélo excels in creating racing bikes. In order to make their designs efficient and state of the art, Cervélo conducts testing at San Diego Air and Space Technology Centre in San Diego, USA along with many other facilities. The three series of bikes manufactured by them include the S series, the P series and the R series, along with the T series track bikes which they also manufacture. Cervélo is also a bike manufacturer which also has its own cycling team and their bicycles have also made appearances at international cycling events like the Tour De France. Carlos Sastre of Spain won the event in 2008 on that too on a Cervélo.

The latest Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike comes with a revolutionary technology. The technology beats the pressure of the air thus enabling the biker to swiftly enjoy the cycling experience.

The Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike

The engineers while designing the Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike have applied superior technology and engineering skills to bring down the resistance of the air. The Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike has been designed chiefly for the purpose of sports. Every single wire and cable used for this very unique aerodynamics bike has been concealed to make for an easy ride. The surface of this bike is smooth and that further eases and minimizes the air pressure.

By applying this technology on the Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike, there’s every possibility of you winning the gold medal. The makers of the bike claim that the P5 Aerodynamics Bike can complete a 25 mile ride in just 30 seconds! Computational Fluid Dynamics software which is of aerospace grade and virtual wind tunnel tests were conducted before designing the P5 Aerodynamics Bike.

The Technology behind the Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike

While designing this bike many prototypes were created and the areas that cause the drags in bikes were identified and shortlisted. In order to reduce the drag in the Cervélo P5 Aerodynamics Bike internal hydraulic brakes cables were added and the handlebars were also lowered. Air was given more space to move around the rider by tapering down the rear edge on the seat. With this technology, the turbulence created on the back of the rider was reduced drastically. With these changes and the application of some fine engineering skills it was recorded that the drag was reduced by 75 grams. The bike also comes with some space for storing snacks and a water bottle. One for the Road, we say!

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