Zaggora HotPants: Go From Fat To Fit

The last time round, stagnancy in my weight loss routine persuaded me to buy the Zaggora Flares. Sceptical, but desperate, I took the leap. In retrospect, it proved to be one of the best fitness decisions I have ever made. Not only did I begin to lose weight again, I lost it quickly. Even better, I finally had a wardrobe full of clothes that fit me again.

My Zaggora Flares experience was good enough to send me back to the Zaggora website a few months later. This time, I decided to look at a different product – the Zaggora HotPants. Even though I started my Zaggora journey with the Flares, the company’s signature product is its HotPants. I clicked Buy Now, spent £55 on the knee-length ones and waited for delivery.

Trying Them On For Size

When the Zaggora HotPants reached my residence, I lost no time in trying them on. It fit much like a wet suit, and I could not wait to start working out again. I wore them to my yoga classes, slipped them on under pants when walking the dogs, and even wore them while pottering around the house. What can I say? As was the case with the Zaggora Flares, each time I removed the pants after a workout, I knew for sure that they were working. The skin below the pants was several degrees warmer than my regular body temperature. Was I literally burning fat? The measuring tape certainly seemed to think so.

The Technology That Made This Possible

What sets the Zaggora HotPants a class apart from all other products that make false promises about toning up your legs, thighs and rear? The HotPants feature Celu-Lite technology fabric lining, which increases the body’s natural temperature in these cellulite-prone areas.

The Chelsea School at Brighton University tested the product to find that even half an hour of exercise wearing these HotPants led to an 11.3 percent increase in energy expenditure. They also found that the subjects who worked out in these HotPants over a four-week period lost about 600 grams on the average.

However, merely lounging in these pants will get you nowhere. The Zaggora HotPants are no different from your other gym equipment. If you are serious about seeing results, follow Zaggora’s advice and wear the shorts over at least 30-minute moderate intensity workouts.

Fashion Forward Weight Loss Shorts

If you have sensitive skin, you could break out in rashes; the wetsuit-like material is bound to have its disadvantages. That aside, what other clothes can help you lose weight four times faster? Moreover, there is cause for celebration. The Zaggora HotPants are now available in the new Viva range. So you have the same fat-busting shorts in five pop colors – pink, orange, green, blue and yellow.

And the good news does not end there. We hear that Zaggora HotPants will now be available at high street retail outlets of the Boots chain. The offline retail launch took place on 14 November. Now Zaggora can add to its fans around the world even faster. Here’s to weight loss in the fashionable way!


We are giving away 3 VIVA PANTS, size: LARGE, colors: PINK, ORANGE and YELLOW.

Do drop us comments / email us why you wish to win one of these. Also, participate on our facebook page and like it to have ZAGGORA in your wardrobe?


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