The Fiat 500L comes with an Espresso Coffee Making Machine

Fiat has always been known for manufacturing the best cars, but it has set a new and buzzing trend by launching its new 500L with a coffee making machine. It will now easily be the first car that comes with an espresso coffee maker. It is obviously very good news for all those who are always high on caffeine. For now you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee in your car from your coffee mug as you hurriedly make your way to work. Neither do you have to find a decent coffee place if you are suddenly in the mood for some caffeine. The car is also raking in all the name ad fame with its glass roof, which is huge by the way and will promise you plenty of light and enough space to gaze at the skies. It has a potential for six engines and can very easily seat five people.

However, let’s not get into the technicalities of the car like always. It is the coffee maker that came in as a surprise in the latest Fiat 500L and will bring a smile on the face of all your passengers as you serve them steaming hot coffee as you drive your lovely Fiat 500L.

Here’s presenting the Fiat 500L Coffee Maker.

The World’s First Expresso Coffee maker in a Car!

The Fiat 500L Coffee Maker has been created by the Italian Coffee giant, Lavazza.The Fiat 500L Coffee Maker is placed right between the two front seats.

It does not consume much space and comes with its own power. It is actually a coffee dispensing and water boiling jar.

The Fiat 500L Coffee Maker comes with a “Coffee Experiencing Kit”.The Fiat 500L Coffee Maker kit contains a sugar container, a spoon holder and coffee cups made especially for use in the car.

The Lavazza base is 500.For a lovely cup of coffee you will have to fill it with water and place it into the centre of the cup holder.The cup boils the water and the coffee filled pod on the top gets steeped inside the cup and there you have it, a lovely and steaming cuppa coffee!

Well, there’s more. The Fiat 500L will be launched in the US for sure next year but there is no guarantee of the coffee experience making it there for the many lawsuits and attorneys which are as steaming and hot as the espresso itself!

The news is the Fiat 500L Coffee Maker will cost around Euro 250 which will make it around $300.The makers of the Fiat 500L have also claimed that the Fiat 500L Coffee Maker is one of its kind in the automobile industry.

Well of coffee and long drives are your idea of an enjoyment then don’t forget to buy the Fiat 500L which will indeed shower you with a lovely coffee experience, that you have never had before! Go for it, we say!

Via Autoblog

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