Victoria’s Secret Bra Made of Gold Comes With a Hefty Price Tag of $1 Million

Victoria Secret and most expensive bra goes parallel. And I am not talking about slightly expensive lingerie, but the kinds that can empty the bank balance of ordinary earthlings like us. Their latest offering is priced at a mind boggling $1 million and is moulded out of 18 carat gold and embellished with 500 carats of diamonds! One would think that this price tag is hefty enough to make it the most expensive bra made by the lingerie giant, but no! Last year’s show stopping Fantasy Treasure bra is priced at $2.5 million, leaving this one far behind.

The bra was made by craftsmen at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers in the sleepy town of Birmingham, Michigan with a population of just 20,000 people. It actually took 40 workers and an entire year to make this bejeweled underwear. The store’s owner Anthony Aubry who has named it after his wife Rita, explains that unlike other Victoria’s Secret bras, which are made of cloth and have diamonds and other gems added on, this bra is made entirely of gold sans any fabric. Even last year’s $2.5million bra, worn by the lovely Miranda Kerr was fashioned out of fabric and was then embellished with yellow diamonds and pearls. But this Victoria’s Secret bra was made of 750 grams of gold and after adding the diamonds weighs almost 1kilo. This bra sounds more like a piece of jewellery than lingerie.

The obvious question that pops into mind is that who would actually buy this and if so, would they actually wear it? Mr Aubry says that there are people with that kind of money and wont mind buying this bra just to brag that they own a $1 million bra. While some might put it on display, there might actually be some people who would actually go ahead and try it on. Three different models have worn it till now and have quite unsurprisingly garnered a lot of attention. This one is definitely not for the washing machine.

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