The Largest Private Pool in Las Vegas Cost a Cool $7 Million

Ramin Messian, the real estate mogul has a ten bedroom mansion in Las Vegas which features a private pool in the backyard. He had to spend over three times the budgeted figure but he didn’t stop till he achieved the luxurious, rather the decadent feel he wanted for his exclusive pool. He imported whatever had to be brought from elsewhere. He had to wait over six months to process all the paper work and permissions to transport sand from Malibu to create a beach near his pool. He wanted to feel that he is walking towards the ocean and he has got it and feels that the money was well spent.

The Pool with a Champagne Hot Tub

The extraordinary pool featured on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms and Ramin Messian himself took the camera team around detailing the exclusive features and filling them up with the process of of putting it all together and the huge costs involved. Like he spent close to a million dollar on just importing 300 palm trees but they now help keep the yard cool. However, this is not the most extravagant feature of his backyard oasis. There are two hot tubs in the pool complex and one of them is a champagne hot tub. When Messian is entertaining guests he pops open 100 bottles of champagne and puts all the bubbly in the tub. Imagine actually soaking in champagne.

The Pool Costs $7 Million

The largest private pool in Las Vegas has multiple Jacuzzis. The pool is so large that you need 180,000 gallons of water to fill it. Shimmering iridescent tile has been used to enhance its beauty. Ramin Messian has purposefully created an island gazebo for celebrations in the middle. He said he got it incorporated in the design in case a friend wants to get married there. A wrought iron bridge has been built over the watery expanse to cross over without getting wet. There is something for the kids as well. The lavishly designed pool also features a rocky waterfall and a waterslide. When Messian started constructing the pool the estimate was only $2 million but as he went along the costs went higher and higher and the pool finally cost him a cool $7 million. He is not complaining and he said that given a chance he would do the same thing again.

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