Susan MacTavish throws the Best Parties in San Francisco

If food, drinks, fashion and entertainment is on your mind and if you also happen to live in Silicon Valley, then you have got to add Susan MacTavish to your list of many friends. The founder of Best Public Relations, she is known to throw the best parties in town where not only do you enjoy the sumptuous meals but also meet the people from different fields. At a dinner you might just find yourself enjoying an exotic Greek salad with a sculptor and a writer and none of you have ever met before. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well, that’s Susan MacTavish for you, a wonderful host and not to forget an enthusiastic cook.

She’s been on the party circuit for some time now, read early 1990s when Silicon Valley had not really made a name for itself. Since then she got together techies, thinkers, entrepreneurs, people from the art world under one roof, for a gala time and some of them today are now the backbone of Silicon Valley and have become popular faces. She’s treated them all with her lovely traditional recipes some of them passed down to her by her mother. It is her passion to bring people together and have frolicking time with them over some drinks and great food. When you are at MacTavish’s shed all your inhibitions and need not worry about how you start up a conversation. Susan makes all her guests feel at home and helps you ease and relax and basically have a good time.

The MacTavish Parties are surely the ‘Best’

Once at the MacTavish house you need not worry about the design label on your dress or if you have a high flying celebrity like career. You can be your effortless best and turn up at the event in your most comfy jeans and an ultra casual shirt. And what you discuss is not how much money you minted or if you have been living life out of a suitcase but simple things like the kind of music you like or something as mundane as evening strolls with your dog! her parties are a great place to network and connect with people from different fields. No wonder she is such a wonderful PR!

After having worked at her Best PR for quite some time with clients like Playlist, Esurance and Craigslist, MacTavish decided to take a yearlong break from her work and decided to go back to entertaining people and throwing some very exciting parties that become the talk of the town. She divides her time between San Francisco and New York.

Susan’s Love of Art

It is perhaps due to her Scottish upbringing that Susan is drawn to art passionately. Her mother was an art apprentice and gifted her an art piece on her birthdays. Her home is also adorned with art pieces from around the world and at her parties one can do nothing but gaze at her wonderful art collection. Her dinner menu is also listed on a black board which is right below a bull’s skull. Lovely paintings and art pieces adron her walls and has a lovely home in San Francisco with a centrally located kitchen and artificial grass lined roof.

The ‘Best’ Meals

It is perhaps due to her passion for cooking that MacTavish organises the Best parties. She strongly believes that it is a great way to bond with your family, friends, or a completely unknown gathering of people over some delicious meals. Her meals are staright from the heart and also have some inetersting names such as the “Chicken Men Like” and the Pacific Union Club Tuna Tartare which was named after an old social club in San Francisco. So, how does she plan such an elaborate menu. Well, she chalks it all out when she’s out for a jog. Depending on the time she has in hand, the menu is decided. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are used and she also loves to grill. At  Susan MacTavish party there’s food for all, even if you happen to be a lover of the  greens or a kiddo who cannot have a whole chicken.

Cooking is what she truly enjoys and it is actually cooking up a storm that has helped her connect with people and build up a network of PR. She likes to keep her cooking simple and less ornate for focussing on perfection may lead to disappointment.  Writing a cook book is what Susan wants at the moment and she also says that cooking and throwing parties never tires her for this is what she lives for.

Wondering if we could ever secure an invitation to one of Susan’s cosy parties which are full of warmth, generosity and yes plenty of food! Her Living MacTavish website will give you more insights to her very interesting life.


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