The Stig Chair is the latest in the Line of Luxury Sports Furniture

There are chairs and then there’s Stig Chair which is actually a luxurious sports chair. Luxury sports furniture has been in vogue for some time now for it many benefits and the sports chair is the latest addition to it. The Stig Chair is a high performance chair from Veraseri Designs. The Stig sports chair comes with a price tag of $11,000 and measures 52”×23”×39”.The chair was designed by Adam Krehbiel for Veraseri Designs who are known to manufacture furniture that is eco friendly. The sports chair draws its name from a character in the British show Top Gear, called Stig. Recycled materials were also used to produce this sports chair which can be used for a variety of purposes such as at work, while travelling or even for relaxing at home.

Here’s more on this very unique sports chair.

The Stig Sports Chair

The chair took about a year to be manufactured and uses everything from recycled steel pipe to stainless steel, deer leather and yellow pine.The Stig sports chair comes with two tubes. While one tube is used for nitrogen outgassing, the other tube can be used for unprocessed mined raw pork.

To prevent your lovely Stig from any jarring during the course of transportation or charging, the sports chair is provided by a push rod suspension.

The push rod suspension is very useful for it prevents any kind of explosion.

Yes, you heard it right for the makers of this very unique chair claim that it can become explosive during out gassing and charging.The fluids and gas inside the chair might cause the chair to up in fumes!

In case you chair explodes, the seating of the chair will be protected by a special material.Called the Line X Protective Coating Corps, the material is applied generously on the seat cover for its complete protection during the event of an explosion.

The Line X Protective coating corps also makes for easy cleaning of the sports chair and lends it a good amount of durability.

The makers also have said that the coating of this very unique material can also resist 9mm small fire arms.Deer leather was used to produce its cushion leather pads.

The designer of the chair, Adam Kreihbel, once hit a deer with his car and it was that deer’s that the leather for the chair was harvested.

4130 alloy steel tubes that were manufactured from recycled frames of innumerable Nascar Stock Car crashes were used to make the frame of the seating device of the very unique and one and only Stig sports chair.

Well, we don’t know if the chair actually explodes and we can definitely not comment on the unprocessed minced raw pork. But it does look like an interesting sports chair and also a piece of art. There seems no harm owning it, only if you would want to spend a whopping $11,000 on a chair. All said and done with that price and the every intriguing technology, the Stig sporst chair will provide you with all the comfort and luxury.


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