GolfSense is a Portable 3D Sensor System that Records Your Golf swings

Golf is not a game that you can simply like. If you like it you most likely love it and it becomes a vital part of your life and routine. You don’t mind getting up at unearthly hours so that you can pick up your golf bag and hit the golf course. The lovers of the game are willing to do anything to improve their swing. It is not always possible or affordable to have a private coach who can help you with your game every day. This is where GolfSense which is a small luxury gadget makes a lot of sense. The gadget attaches to you glove and once it is synced with your mobile phone it starts giving you 3D renderings of your swing, down to the smallest details.

The Smart Gadget

GolfSense weighs only 17 grams and doesn’t disturb your swing. The manufacturers have positioned it as the world’s first portable 3D sensor system that brings you real-time data regarding your golf swing. There are four MEMS sensors in the gadget that capture the club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path and are capable of doing it over thousand times per second so that no detail is missed or lost. The gadget can be set to capture an individual swing or record every swing by default. The smart gadget is capable of differentiating between a practice swing and the real one that hits the ball. It can be programmed to record the impact swings only.

Records Your Wrist Movement

The software backing the gadget has a high velocity motion engine built into it. It helps break the swing down into different segments of various positions and postures. Once the gadget records the data you can review all your swings individually or compare one against the other. You can see every detail of your swing and the path it takes. Since GolfSense is attached to your glove it is able to record your wrist movement as well and proves very useful in determining the best swing path. There have been similar products in the market but they generally attach to the golf club which becomes a problem when you are switching clubs. GolfSense is available for $129.99 with two color options, black and white.

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