Romain Jerome Designs Commemorative Timepiece on 125th Anniversary of Statue of Liberty

Romain Jerome, the known luxury watch makers have a reputation for offering interesting concepts for limited edition timepieces. There DNA series is a very interesting concept that makes the special watch more desirable as it features the DNA of some famous object. They had kick started the concept with a creation with Titanic DNA and have gone on to create timepieces with Moon DNA. Their latest creation in the series is a design to be produced in limited edition and has the Liberty DNA. Each luxury watch from the limited edition will contain authentic material gleaned from New York’s iconic Statue of Liberty.

The Design will be Limited to 125 Pieces

The Liberty DNA timepieces will be limited to only 125 pieces worldwide which is symbolic of the 125th anniversary of the majestic statue being shipped to the US from France as a gift on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. It is a very significant occasion and it is most appropriate to design a watch that reminds one of the Statue of Liberty. The new design is the most original in the series made by Romain Jerome yet. The DNA of the statue has been provided by fragments of the Statue of Liberty. These fragments were recovered while some restoration work was going on at the statue site. These fragments have been incorporated in the dial of the watch.

The Bronze Bezel has 12 Spikes Like the Crown

The fragments that give the watch a special and unusual DNA were supplied and authenticated by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and the Gold Leaf Corporation. The 125th anniversary of the statue makes this year special and celebratory events have been planned. The design of the special timepiece is also a tribute to the statue. Apart from the fragments of the statue the bronze bezel of the watch also reminds you of the statue, specially the crown it is wearing. The bezel has 12 spikes, identical to the crown of the statue. The bronze bezel is natural and will change color overtime as it ages like the statue. The limited edition Romain Jerome Liberty-DNA timepiece will carry a price tag of $14, 900.

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