Christian Louboutin teams up with Disney to create the Magical Cinderella Shoes

Christian Louboutin’s collaboration with Disney has resulted in the creation of Cinderella’s glass shoes. The limited edition Cinderella shoes have been created for the film based on the Disney classic that is set for a fall release. There’s also more for it is said that one lucky fan from the U.S. will get a pair of these magical shoes for free after they have been honoured as the Christian Louboutin’s Cinderella!

The French footwear designer from Paris is popularly known for his shiny red lacquered soles that have now become his signature style. The designer who is credited with bring back the stilettos on the 2000s intends to make women beautiful and as long as they want to be. Designer heels are what he likes and Christian Louboutin has also designed ballet shoes with eight inch heels. The heels were designed for an auction to promote and financially support the English National Ballet. Not that’s what we call are heels for a cause! Christian Louboutin has always been known for his unique design and he also created a fine pair of suede cage sandals to enhance a woman’s style and sophistication. The shoe designer’s creations also provided an impetus to the haute couture market.

Well, we all know all you ladies out there want to know more about the Cinderella shoes, Christian Louboutin’s latest creation and can’t wait to get a glimpse of these pair of shoes that we coveted so much as little girls. Here’s more on the magical shoes.

Christian Louboutin’s creates Fantasy with Cinderella’s Shoes

Cinderella is a classical love story replete with all the magic and fantasy and the shoes have been the most integral aspect of this evergreen Disney Classic. Lori Macpherson, Executive Vice President, Global Product Management, Disney, believe that these shoes which have been created by this fine and elite shoe designer honour the sensitivity of the classic love story in the truest sense.

Since Cinderela’s shoes in the love story are made of glass one would imagine that Christian Louboutin also made use of glass to create this spectacular pair. Full transparency in a shoe can make your foot look rather not so very up to the mark and making use of plastic to give the effect of glass will make them look rather gory! In order to create transparent, what Christian Louboutin does is that he creates an illusion. Lace was used to give it that transparent look and butterflies were added to accentuate the delicate and soft persona of Cinderella. To make it look like the shoes of a beautiful princess some Swarovski Crystals were used to cover the heels. To keep in sync with his love for heels, the shoes were given a five inch heels. Well, these heels the Disney princess might just look like a fashionista or a diva in the making!

The magical Cinderella shoes were revealed at the Palais Brongniart during the couture fashion week in Paris. Fashion editors from world over thronged at the events as this magical pair was unveiled.

The shoe designer will also make an appearance in the Disney flick The Magic of the Glass Slipper: A Cinderella Story which also stars Angela Lansbury. The shoes have not been crated for mass sale and only 20 have been created which will adron the feet of some lovely ladies around the world.

If you can’t grab a pair of these shoes, don’t worry for we will give you a list os most expensive shoes for men and shoes for women if you happen to have a fetish for expensive footwear!

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