Planeclear and In the Know Experience Announce Olympic package for $100,000

The Olympic season is here Planeclear and In the Know Experience have announced interesting but very expensive package for the London Olympics this year. The package comes with a whopping price tag of $100,000 and is meant only for the rich and loaded. Planeclear is an aviation company while In the Know Experience specialises in luxury travel. Together they have come up with this luxurious package so that the elite can have a gala time at the Olympics.

Olympics is just not about the sports. There is so much more to the event that just the games. It is a time when the host country gets to showcase its economic might and welcomes travellers and guests from all over the world to get a glimpse of its cultural and social life. And London now is gearing for this mega sporting event and efforts are being made in full swing so that their many guests from around the globe have a splendid time while they are there. For instance, private jets packages have been introduced by Magellan which will transport the guests along with providing them accommodation and many other exciting things. Noma Cuisine will also be introduced to many guests by Claridge’s during the Olympics. And you can also lend the Leeds castle for the Olympics in London 2012.

It’s time for yet another package and that’s what Planclear has for all of us who enjoy luxury travelling and also want to get a glimpse of the London 2012 Olympics.

Planeclear introduces an Olympic Package

Starting Price: $97,500

Duration of the Package: Five Nights

Bookings for the London Olympics 2012 were made well in advance and the smart ones made sure that they had their tickets in hand and hotel bookings well taken care off even before the beginning of the year. But there also those who aren’t as smart and realize just the nick of time that they are indeed late. And so is the case with many who are now struggling to get ticket bookings just when the games are around the corner.

Saeth Kaplan, Founder of In The Know Experiences who specialize in luxury travel, also believe that it is indeed a difficult time to get hotel and ticket bookings. Thus keeping thie ordeal of the Olympic enthusiasts in mind they announced this package laong with Planeclear, wherein they not only get an Olympic flight straight to London but also get accommodation at a fancy hotel.

The package starts at $97,500 and is a five night package and guests will transported in the Challengers, Falcon, Hawkers and Gulfstreams aircrafts since they are a part of this very luxurious Olympic package. Accommodation for the guests has been made at the Belgraves, Thompson Hotel in Belgravia district. A very plush locale of London located in the Westminster and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The available departure dates are 26th July, 2nd August, and 8th August. The guests can choose from the following events- swimming, water polo, equestrian, gymnastics, diving and shooting. The packages also promises some fun as guests can either select entry to three events which comes with some really wonderful seats and also five events which comes with seats that are second best.

Get more details and info on the  Olympic offer on the FlyPlaneClear webiste and have a good time at the London Olympics 2012!


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