Experience the Fifty Shades of Grey at your Hotel

For all those who loved and enjoyed the novel Fifty Shades of Grey can live some of the rather enticing moments of the book. Hotels in the city of Seattle, United States, some of which also find a mention in the novella have introduced packages that will recreate those special instances from the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Authored by E.L James, Fifty Shades of Grey is a bestselling novel which hit the stands in 2011. Centred in Seattle, the novel traces the relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. The young college graduate, Steele, and the well established entrepreneur, Christian Grey discover love and the meaning of their relationship under some very strange circumstances. The book is now a best seller especially in the UK where it has also surpassed the popularity of the Harry Potter series. The book rights of the novel have been sold in over 37 countries and over ten million copies of the book have been sold worldwide. Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Free are the second and third volume of the book. The novel looks at relationships with a completely different perspective and has therefore gained immense success. Not a mainstream love story it explores a completely different side of romance involving a manipulative business magnate and a simpleton graduate. The movie rights of the book have been acquired by Universal Pictures and Focus Features after much scramble between some popular names like Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

Basking in the popularity the novel has garnered some hotels in Seattle, where the book is largely based, have introduced the special Fifty Shades of Grey packages thus inviting their guests to have their very own Fifty Shades of Grey Moments.

Let’s give you some more details of the packages just in case you wish to avail them!

The Edgewater Hotel

Per Night Cost: $914(£583)

Name of the Package: ‘50 Shades of Romance’

Enjoy ’50 Shades of Romance’ at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, the prime location of the novel itself. The location of the hotel on the waterfront must have prompted its owners to introduce this very romantic package inspired by the novel. The hotel does not feature in the novel but they do have some special features which have been included in this package. Valid through September 30th, the package includes a test drive of the very sleek Audi sports car, which Christian Grey, the chief protagonist of the novel also owns. The other exciting features of the package include a bottle of Bollinger that you can enjoy with your loved one and a sailing adventure at the Puget Sound. The hotel will also give you a map of Seattle with key sites, which appear in the novel, marked for your convenience.

The Heathman Hotel

Per Night Cost: $2700 (£ 1720)

Name of the Package: ‘Charlie Tango’

For all those who have read the novel and loved it will for sure not forget the Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon state. The hotel is an integral part of the novel for it was here that the two protagonists have their first encounter and the hotel serves as the backdrop of the hotel for most part. The package has got its name after the helicopter which Grey owns in the novel. Thus the package also includes a helicopter ride which offers you a splendid aerial view of the city. Besides, the ride there is also a special dinner at the hotel’s restaurant along with drinks.

Hotel Max

Per Night Cost: $1967 (£1254)

Name of the Package: ‘50 Shades of Seattle’

The hotel perhaps offers the best moments of the novel to all its guests. Slated as the hotel where ‘you can live out of your fantasies’, the package invites its guests to stay on the eight floor as part of the package for it is perhaps the most romantic corner of the hotel. The package also offers a ‘Charlie Tango’ helicopter ride of the cityalong with a four hour sailing experience at the Puget Sound. The other luxurious amenities include a chauffeur driven car, accommodation at the ‘Artist King’ double room and some of Grey’s favourite activities like a bottle of the Bollinger and some gourmet picnics.

These hotels feature in the novel as places where Steele and Grey have their regular encounters. If you loved the novel and wish to recreate those moments then here is your very special chance!


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