Guinness World Records makes Macallan the Most Expensive Whisky sold at Auction

It’s official now. Not only is the Macallan the best scotch or whisky you will ever have in your life but is also the most expensive whisky sold at an auction ever. Yes, this has just come after the Guinness World Records made it official. The auction, however, took place in November 2010 and was conducted at the Sotheby’s auction house in New York city. The declaration from the Guinness World Records has just come in now. The whiskey to be auctioned was the 64 year old single malt and fetched a whopping price of $460,000.

Not long ago we had reported on the 13 most expensive whiskies. While the Isabella Islay and the 105 year old Master of Malt occupied the first and second places with the price tag of $6.2 million and $1.4 million, the 64 year old Macallan appeared third in line.

Distilled near the Eastern Elchies House, Macallan was first distilled in 1824. In 2001 it was also selected as the official scotch of the Speaker of the House of Commons by Michael John Martin, British politician and Member of Parliament. It is after a scotch for the elite and was some time ago the largest selling single malt in the world after Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.

Despite all the fame and accolade, it is also a single malt with a cause. Philanthropist out there would be happy to know that the proceeds from the auction were donated to a charity.

Let’s give you some more information about the most expensive whisky and also the finest single malt you will ever have.

The Macallan: Most Expensive Single Malt

It’s for a reason that the world raves so much about the Macallan single malt whisky. Also known as the Cire Perdue, the most expensive single malt is available in a decanter which is as extravagant as the single malt. The ‘lost wax’ method was used to make the bottle fabricated from Lalique crystals. The bottle was as fine as its contents.

For the auction the Macallan partnered with Lalique crystal makers and wanted to set some new records from the word go. However, what we really liked about the auction, besides it fetching a very hefty price and the 64 year old single malt in an exquisite and royal looking decanter was the fact that the proceeds from this very famous and well known auction were donated to an organisation called charity water. Founded by Scott Harrison, who gave up a good life in New York and headed to the shores of West Africa to get rid of his so called moral and spiritual emptiness in life, the organisation’s mission is to provide clean and hygienic water to developing nations around the world. What a way we say to encourage and provide impetus to such a wonderful cause.

The single malt may have been auctioned but you may also have a taste of this very historic single malt at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel where the remnants of the 64 year old single malt Macallan is available for £ 10.

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