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The wedding season is here and it’s also that time of the year when brides worry themselves sick about whom to take their wedding trousseau advice from. For starters, they are never sure about their wedding dress, if they are actually sure that the wedding gown in their hands is what they always wanted. Once the wedding gown is sorted, it’s always the accessories that bother them. Should they keep it bare minimal or do they want to look every bit the diva they have always wanted to be. There’s probably no one out there who can give them some wedding style advice and not everyone can afford a fashion expert. And if that was not enough, it is also the wedding theme that may become a concern of concern for many brides to be.

Well, just when things were looking grim for brides to be and their very dream to look like fairytale princess on their weddings was falling apart, Style Me Pretty came to their rescue. Founded by Abby Larson, the recently launched wedding blog offers dressing and other wedding style tips and the solution to all your wedding woes are just a click away. The array of wedding photographs will give you all the advice and suggestions you have been looking for. A wedding blog with photos of wedding posted by happy couples and even wedding photographers around the world is now driving crazy the many brides. Along with the many photographs you can also get some tips on how to make a gorgeous bracelet on your own and wear it either for an outing or your big day.

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Since Style Me Pretty has become such a hit now we thought we would give you some details about the founder and editor, Abby Larson.

Style Me Pretty, a Wedding Blog with a Difference

The wedding blog was founded by Abby Larson five years ago and since then it has seen a very good response from the many brides to be who are now almost addicted to this wedding blog. Abby Larson formerly worked as a wedding invitation designer along with her husband Tait, who is a Software Developer. Style Me Pretty has now become a rave on the social networking circuit with over 520,000 visits from Pinterest and 60,000 followers on Twitter. Besides being something like a cult site on the social networking websites it also has over a million visits every month.

So how did Style Me Pretty become such a massive hit? Let’s find out!

The Beginnings of Style Me Pretty

Abby Larson, founder and editor, always wanted to create a space on the web where brides to be could source inspiration from and also their wedding ideas online and share them with a host of brides around the world. She used her background in weddings and her husband’s niche in software development to create a wedding photo based blog on the net. However, when they started off blogging was not a very in thing and photo blogging perhaps had not even made an entry into the social networking circuit. By launching Style Me Pretty both Abby Larson and her husband brought about a paradigm shift in the world of blogging. Together they have created an intimate place for the brides where they can put together the most important day of their life. Together the husband and wife duo have collaborated with over 1700 vendors across the world to put together some fine wedding photos.

Web and Weddings

The web has become an essential part of our lives now and just about everything is just a Google search away. It’s also a greta way to do some research on your wedding. Brides can now Pin their ideas and also get in touch with people who can plan the day of their life. Abby Larson also believes that the web gives them ideas on wedding themes, accessories, the latest trends in the wedding industry and it also gives them the space to share the most important and eventful day of their life with a million brides or brides to be out there. Style Me Pretty is one such wedding blog that helps them organize their special wedding moments in the form of pictures.

The Style Me Pretty Success Story

There are wedding blogs and then there is Style Me Pretty that has managed to surpass even Pinterest in a short span of time and the credit for this obviously goes to the founder and editor, Abby Larson. With her wedding blog she tries to focus on what the users want and not what she thinks will suit her blog best. Also she works with a hard working team whose sole aim is to push the limits and produce the best results in a short span of time. That is probably the reason behind her success story of Style Me Pretty.

Getting users Hitched to Style Me Pretty

Over 90% of the readers on Style Me Pretty are brides to be says Abby Larson, Founder and Editor. So it may also happen that once the wedding is over they might just got on with their regular lives and not look what’s happening at the wedding blog which actually turned their fairytale wedding into a reality. But Style Me Pretty s not just about your wedding day, it also gives you tips on how to be stylish and do your own things like mini table scapes projects. This keeps them hitched to the website days after their wedding day!

Weddings on Style Me Pretty

It’s quite a task to figure which weddings to be featured on Style Me Pretty since they get many submissions on an everyday basis. Abbey Larson, the founder and editor, says that they have developed a custom submission system to keep up with the number of submissions they have. With every submissions inspiration boards are built, and are populated with pictures.

Style Me Pretty with its success rate is also planning now to venture into e-commerce. Abby Larson also feels that social media has become an inherent part of our lives and one has to deal with it in a rather humane manner to make your web venture a success. She also feels that being original is the key and Pin daily!


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