Traditional Handbag Redesigned to Accommodate a Pair of Heels and a Bottle of Wine

Handbags are something that excites a designer easily. The traditional handbags are designed to accommodate the essentials required by women right from her make-up to her phone. A Swiss designer, Claudia Eicke, who is a woman herself, believes that the modern women lead a much more hectic life today and their need and requirements have changed. She has redesigned the traditional handbag keeping the needs of a modern woman in mind and has created a compartment to accommodate a bottle of wine. The bag has been redesigned to accommodate things a woman might need through an entire day as the woman goes to work, for shopping or for parties.

The New Envoyage Taschen Weekender

The bag with a new design is called the Envoyage Taschen Weekender and looks rather unusual with a special tunnel compartment at the base that has been built in to the bag to accommodate a standard size wine bottle. More space has been created in the bag to accommodate a pair of high heels so that you can rush to an event right from your work. The designer believes that a woman should be well equipped to go to work, shop or party. There are numerous compartments in the bag that enable a woman to carry all her needs in one bag instead of carrying two bags. After all they don’t need to carry a wine rack but need the bottle from the most expensive vineyard.

The Bag is Available Online
The aim of creating such a bag is that a woman is freed from a stressful visit home just to change outfit and pickup shoes and a bottle of wine before rushing to a party. Claudia Eicke, the designer worked really hard on the design and made ten prototypes before she could finalize the design. The hard work has been worth it as the feedback for the new handbag has been very positive. The tunnel idea for the bottle of wine has been particularly appreciated. Some of them suggested that it could even be used for a yoga mat. The bag measures 34 by 27 cm and is crafted out of French goat leather. Priced at £863 the handbag is available on the Envoyage website


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