The $6 Million Golden Eagle Created for Treasure Hunt to Support Fight Against Cancer

The Golden Eagle is perhaps the world’s largest solid gold sculpture encrusted with diamonds. It is a fine example of refined old-world craftsmanship. It is a commissioned work of art but its artistry, beauty and brilliance is truly awe inspiring. The gold sculpture was commissioned by Ron Shore, a Canadian treasure hunt expert, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has got the large golden sculpture made for sale and plans to donate a part of the sales proceed to help fight breast cancer. He has seen the fatal disease up close as his sister died due to the disease just two days after giving birth to a girl child.

Sotheby’s, the acclaimed auctioneer has assessed the value of the unique sculpture. They have placed the value of the Golden Eagle at an astounding $6 million. In their view, that’s the price the market would be willing to pay for it. Ron Shore has priced the gold sculpture at $5 million. For him this has been a multi-year mission and the culmination of a process and a persistent effort to create the world’s most exclusive treasure. He had all along planned to donate the proceeds to a charity organization that would fight the growing menace of breast cancer. The grand event is being called ‘The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle’ and part of the proceeds will go to the winner of the contest as well.

Ron Shore’s target is to raise $24 million for cancer research and this treasure hunt is a part of that great effort. He has even promised a $100,000 to those who facilitate the sale of the Golden Eagle. The gold sculpture is rather large with a dimension of 26cm x 10 cm. It has been handcrafted in 14 kt yellow gold, 18 kt white gold, 10k yellow gold, and 14kt white gold. 763 round brilliantly cut diamonds have been set to give it a brilliant and majestic look. The famous12.72 carat “Atocha Star” emerald recovered from The Atocha, the Spanish treasure galleon has been set just above the base. The masterpiece is the result of 4,000 hours of highly skilled labor and craftsmanship. If you want to know more about the treasure you can contact Ron Shore at 1-604-857-2488 or email at


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