Presenting the Watch Safe Double Wing Edition from Döttling Colosimo

I have always been a great admirer of German craftsmanship creates products that are bestowed with finesse, superior quality and elegant designs. And Döttling Colosimo happens to be one such designer who has created the finest watch safes in the past. The latest product to be manufactured by the skilled designer is Double Wing edition watch safe which seeks inspiration from the 300SL 1954 Mercedes Benz, popularly known as the “Gullwing Car”.

Expensive time wear also requires as much security as our luxury jewellery and other assets. Watch safes are a good way to keep your uber luxurious time wear from falling prey to the wrong hands. Not long ago we had reported on the Buben and Zorweg Titan watch safe. The safe had immense space for storing as many as 36 watches. It was not only a watch safe but a place to store everything from jewellery to cigars and tobaccos as well, thanks to its top compartment that also worked as a humidifier. The secret code was concealed behind the handle and the safe also functioned as a docking station for an MP3 player.

Döttling had also launched the Liberty Collection safes which became known for their natural colours. The safe also contained watch winders, an interior trim and also some drawers. With a starting price of 20,000 Euros, the Liberty Collection besides proving your watches with utmost security also boasted of a fine design and superior technology.

Let’s give you a look at the Döttling Colosimo’s latest product.

The Döttling Colosimo’s Double Wind Edition

You can very well imagine that how a Mercedes inspired watch safe which comes in a bright red colour will not only protect your watches but will also look great in your room.

A sporty red leather covers the Döttling Colosimo’s Double Edition Watch Safe. The switches of the safe are retro toggled and are placed right beneath the Wempe Zeitmeister clock which is the in the middle of the Döttling Colosimo’s Double Edition Watch Safe.One glance at the Döttling Colosimo’s Double Edition Watch Safe and you know that it very much resembles the 1954 300SL Mercedes Benz car dashboard.

The safe has enough space to accommodate upto six expensive watches. The three didigt combination keeps them well secure. The two doors of the safe swing open and they once again remind of you of the beauty that was the 1954 300SL Mercedes Benz. The doors of the safe almost look like vaults in a bank but they don’t compromise the over all sleek and trendy look of the safe.

The Döttling Colosimo’s Double Edition is a fine combination of superior technology and great design, which is akin to all of Döttling products. The company was founded way back in the 1919 and is currently headed by Markus Döttling and Managing Partner Andreas K. Schlittenhardt.

The price of the Döttling Colosimo’s Double Edition Watch Safe is not available but going by the looks and the technology of the safe we can assure you that it does carry a very heavy price tag. We think you might just need another safe to protect this very expensive watch safe.

Well we don’t know if you intend to but this very expensive watch safe but if you do appreciate expensive time wear then do have a look at the list of the most expensive watches and our story on the Patek Philipe watches. Also, you would be delighted to know that the Salon International De La Horlogerie or the SIHH 2012 has unveiled the 12 most expensive watches.

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