Live in Madonna and Diane Keaton’s Beverly Hill Mansion for $19 million

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in the house oops mansion of a celebrity. And not just any celebrity but the likes of Madonna, Diane Keaton and Betty Grable. We think you might just get your taste of ‘celebrityhood’ once you have a look at this palatial property for sale in Beverly Hills. The mansion which is located in the plush neighbourhood of North Roxbury Drive was once owned by A-list celebrities and has now been put up for sale.

This 21st century palace is priced at $18.495! Well, we know that’s a very jaw dropping amount but luxury does comes with a price, especially when it’s in the form of a Beverly Hill mansion, previously owned by Hollywood big wigs.

The mansion is actually a very sophisticated and elegant looking piece of history. It was built in 1926 and was designed by Wallace Neff, a Pickfair architect who was based in South California. He was the man behind the ‘Californian Style’ and was heavily inspired by Spanish and Mediterranean structures which were eventually reflected in his works.

His mansions soon became homes of celebrities and the rich and the famous and were located in plush areas such as Glendora, Beverly Hills, California Street and San Pascual Avenue. It is also said that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt once paid a whopping $13.5 million for a Wallace Neff House. The Pickfair estate and the Gillete Mansion also form a part of his very heavy duty client list!

Well, the house in question now is nothing short of a palatial delight bestowed with luxury, grandeur, style and elegance. Let’s give you a tour of this mansion which has created quite a buzz in the world of luxury property and real estate.

A Mansion for the Rich and Famous

After this extravagant property was built it was first owned by Betty Grable and her trumpeter husband, Harry James.

It is also said that the house was also owned by Harry Cohn, Founder of Columbia Pictures. But there is no evidence available to prove if he actually owned it.

Diane Keaton, a Preservationist and Actress, who also happens to be a great admirer of Wallace Neff Spanish and Mediterranean inspired architectural designs, purchased it in 1998 for an undisclosed sum.

She also later refurbished the house in Spanish style.

The mansion has also featured in the Architectural Digest of July 1999.

It passed into the hands of another celebrity, the stunning Madonna in 2007.

The .6 acres property is now finally available for sale.

The mansion boasts of a master suite that is huge and magnificent for it promises a breathtaking view of the lush green back gardens, on which it is perched, and also the front gardens.

The seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms make the mansion nothing short of a palace.

Also, the mansion is a beautiful blend of fine craftsmanship and modern amenities.

The security facilities at the mansion are much talked about and ensures that its owners are well secure.

The mansion has wrought iron gates at the entrance along with two guest houses.

A huge swimming pool also adorns the outside area.

A spectacular dining area is also where you can think of having wonderful time with friends. The maid’s quart


The outdoors of the mansion are replete with formal gardens, a rose garden, a fireplace and also a courtyard.

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