Dine and Work on the new Swing Table

There are tables and then there are tables that swing! Confused? So were we when we first came to know about this latest trend in the world of furniture. It’s not just the furniture in your garden or patio that now swings but even that exquisite piece of furnishing that now adorns your bedroom or living room appears to be in the form of a swing. Be it your bed or even a pair of lounge chairs to make them swing will just give your house the much needed zany look. It’s in to do things differently these days and owning a piece of swinging furniture will only make these attempts of yours successful.

The latest entrant in the world of swinging furniture is the Swing Table. This multipurpose table with chairs is actually very unique and one of its kind. The table costs a whopping $7,773. Quite a swinging price tag we say. With the Swing table work becomes quite a joyful experience and dinning on the Swing Table will be nothing short of a fun moment that you will share with your family and friends.

The Swing Table will definitely change the look of your dining room or workplace or whichever way you intend to use it. But the question we are asking is that whether a Swing Table will give you as much comfort as a regular table since you would not want to be swinging and trying to balance yourself when having a special meal or working on something very important.

Let’s have a look and see whether it is worth investing in this piece of swinging furniture.

A Table that Swings

The Swing Table promises to you a “room within a room” with its GEO lampshade that is suspended with the help of a four poster table structure. There are eight chairs hanging that sway very peacefully. With the swinging chairs having dinner on this table becomes a very breezy experience.

Walnut Veneer has been largely used to make this 220 cm-235 cm-135 cm unique table. The veneer was procured from forests managed by Steward Council and other sources that are controlled. Powder coated mild steel has also been used to make the Swing Table.

The Swing Table is available in bright colours such as red which will only add some colour and liveliness to your dull office environs. Your next meeting with the boss will be quite a pleasurable experience as you sway your way through files and important discussions. The gentle swings and the breeze created through the vacuum, and the elegant lampshade will only ease of some rather stressful situations that may appear on a regular basis during the course of the meeting. It’s quite an interesting way to keep your team members engrossed in work and also to lure them t work by offering them to spend some time on the swing!

A Swing Table in your garden will only complete the look of your barbecue party. Let the guests enjoy their meals whilst they swing on the Swing Table. The children, however, may get a little messy with the Swing Table so you may have to be a little careful  when you have kiddos for company.

Via DuffyLondon/Incredible Things

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