Are you ready for a Blade Thin Carbon Table?

The furnishings in our house basically represent our true self. The interior of our house speaks bountiful about our dispositions. A bright and colourful room may represent a cheerful and full of life personality whereas an elegantly done up house speaks of a more reserved and sophisticated character.

Well, we’ve given you enough ‘gyan’ as to how your house is a reflection of your own self. However, have you ever wondered that if you owned a piece of dining table that was as thin as blade and was made of fibre and stood only on one leg, what would your friends and family then make of your personality and character? I bet they would have nothing to say but simply stare at this lovely piece of furnishing very well named Monolito and Megalito. We have pointed many times that being ‘whacky’ now seems to be the in thing. We love to experiment with our looks, our lifestyle, our jobs, our food, then why not our furniture.

So do you think you will want to experiment this time and bring about a drastic makeover in your dining room and enthral and also scare your guests the next time you invite them over for dinner? If you intend to do any of this then read on to know more about this brilliant piece of furnishing.

Monolito and Megalito

All of Newton’s law of gravity were defied when this table was created by British designer Jules Strugess. While it has been given a rather grand name has been given to very fine and sleek looking table which is about 12 foot long and stands on only one leg. The table is only five millimetres thick at the tip and tapers down 100 millimetres of root section.

So how does this very long table balance itself only on one leg. While rules of physics have been defied clearly but science has been applied to a certain extent. The one leg of the table does not feel its own weight so much because of the table’s honeycomb cored and the use of carbon for the construction of the table.The table top despite being very light weight looks very stable and well balanced. That is made possible because of the strong leg which is made from solid aluminium in the Momolito series. Whereas cast concrete is used to make the leg of the Megalito series.

The material used is both light as well as strong and hence the table is able to strike the right balance. Also, the carbon and the aluminium impart a very sleek and trendy look to the table. The aesthetics have not been compromised on whatsoever.Both the table top and the leg are strikingly different from each other, however, they blend in very harmoniously with each other. The beauty of the table lies at its head where the top can be seen to taper down both in length and in width. It is perhaps this concept that lends a very unique look to the table.

Only 25 pieces of this table are available. So hurry up and impress your guests as you sit them down on this lovely and very unique table!

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