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Some of us will never happy with what we wear. “How do I look today?” or “Does this tee match with my jeans?” or “Is the colour too bright for this weather?” are some questions that may sound very familiar to you all. Not only is it annoying to give someone an outfit tip all the time but it also is quite unnerving asking people how you look and not get any response, whatsoever, in return!

Well, it’s human to crave for some attention and praise. And especially when you’re dressed to kill a few words of appreciation may only bolster your confidence. However, as we have already discussed, that may not be the case all the time. How you dress for work or for a special occasion or an event may largely go unnoticed and just about everyone from your spouse to sibling or even roommate may be oblivious to what you are wearing. Also, with women to repeat what they have already worn is nothing short of a sin. I would personally not want to be seen in the same dress again at a party or any social event.

So, what do we do then?

Worry not for a cleverly designed application will come to your rescue. Named Cloth the application is for your iPhone or your iPod touch and enables you to store your outfits. One can categorize their outfits and also share them with their friends and muster all the words of appreciation. And also since you have already stored your outfit once on your phone you will not make the mistake of repeating it.

Curious to know more about this very innovative application. Read on!

Cloth: An application to Store your Outfits

The application is the brainchild of former TC writer Seth Porges and his model girlfriend Wray Serna who also happens to be a fashionista with a penchant for technology. Known to be a very well dressed couple, the two have devised the application to rescue people from their wardrobe woes.

Cloth is no rocket science and it’s very simple to use this application. If you like what you’re wearing just click a nice picture of you and tag it. Once tagged you will come to know as to when and where you wore that outfit. Also, the application enables you to share the picture with your friends on Facebook. For all those who enjoy the praises can revel under the number of likes they get on Facebook. Your friends may also suggest if there is anything wrong with what you are wearing and prevent you from a blooper!

With Cloth you can also create categories and a number of folders. Your outfit folders can be named Shopping, Parties or Weddings. That way you will remember what dress you have already worn at a wedding or a party. One can also think about creating themes such as Beachwear, On a Rainy Day and many more. The application also enables you to share your outfits on the Cloth Website and get to know what the world thinks about your look of the day! For sharing your outfits on the website one can also hope to win some awards and badges.

If that was not enough the application also helps you decide what to wear looking at the weather conditions. The local weather data has been very well attached to this technology and the application will put on a weather stamp on your outfit picture. When you are really not in the mood to experiment a search on your Cloth application will help you decide what will best suit the prevalent weather conditions.

The application costs $1.99 and although the marketing strategy focuses only on the women we sure know that it will also be of very good use to all the men out there!!



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