“Beef and Chicken” under a Damien Hirst “Cock and Bull”?

Damien Hirst has does it again! His whacky yet unique piece of art now adorns a London restaurant. Known to experiment with Death in his works, this time Britain’s uber expensive artist has created a Hereford Cow and a cock that have become the artist’s latest muse. Encased in a formaldehyde steel and glass tank, the two animals have been suspended from a ceiling at the restaurant at Tramshed in London. It would not be surprising for you to know that the restaurant in question serves only beef and chicken. What a happy accident we say?

Well, it’s not for the first time that Damien Hirst has experimented with his designs. He’s known for designs that are not only out of the world but also represent a thought and idea that has gained for him many fans including celebrities and the rich and the famous. However, it’s not only the rich and the famous who can own an expensive piece of Damien Hirst. Not long ago Manifold Editions marketed some of the works of Damien Hirst at very affordable prices thus ensuring that his works don’t remain the domain of a chosen few but reach to a wider people who appreciate his art. The attempt by Manifold Editions proved to be quite a success.

The Beckhams have also been quite a fan of the artist and Victoria Beckham also went to the extent of buying a very arty baby monitor for her baby designed by none other than Damien Hirst. The Harper Beckham baby monitor easily became the most expensive baby monitor! If that was not enough he also developed a new marketing strategy to sell his works. His paintings were featured on skateboards and costed around $2000. His For Heaven’s Sake piece of art created quite a stir for it was an infant skull that was encrusted with diamonds. Over 8,000 pink and white diamonds were arranged in this skull which many people found to be very offending.

Well, that’s Damien Hirst for you. An artist who dominates the art circle in London and is worth £215 million in2010. Let’s have a look at his latest beef and chicken collection.

The Hirst Bull and Cock

The Bull and Cock which now seem to dominate the restaurant in Tramshed are not the first of its kind. The creation is actually a part of the Natural History Collection that Damien Hirst has been working on since 1991.

There’s also a painting that adorns the wall of the restaurant and has been inspired by the 1990s cartoon characters “Cow and Chicken”. The restaurant is also known for its love of art and one will always find an art exhibition at the basement of the restaurant every six weeks. The gallery has been named the cock and bull gallery.

Mark Hix, the Chef and restaurateur, offers his guests a range of chicken that they can choose from. The menu includes everything from Yorkshire puddings to marbles sirloin steaks. However, we would all want to know what is the experience like when whilst enjoying your meals you are also staring into a cow and a hen that have been preserved right o top of your head!

He also created a 14 foot tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde in a vitrine.

Via Businessinsider/Damien Hirst


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