Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra Dressing Room for Sale

It was a classic indeed. We are talking about Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s magnum opus the world knows as Cleopatra. The movie created quite a stir when it was released and continues to draw as much attention. Anything that is associated with the movie is nothing short of gold. It was perhaps for this very reason that a customised dressing room which was built for Elizabeth Taylor while the movie was being shot has been put up for sale. The dressing room is no ordinary room for it was graced by the Cleopatra of Hollywood, namely Elizabeth Taylor and therefore the estimated price for this little pieve from the classic movie is expected to fetch somewhere between a whopping $50,000-$75,000. In the past, Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery was auctioned and fetched a huge amount. It’s due to the sheer popularity of the late legend that the rich and the affluent want to own a part of her. It is expected that this dressing room, which was once an integral part of her life will also be quite a success at the auction and rake in a lot of money.

Keeping up with Ancient Egypt and Rome, the dressing table was built for $75,000 which was quite a big amount back in the 1960s when the movie was being shot. If a customised dressing room had to be built in today’s time for a Hollywood celebrity it will cost well over $560,000. The dressing room in question was actually designed and created by Twentieth Century Fox. The dressing room will be put up for sale at the Icons of Hollywood auction to be conducted by the Profiles in History.

So, what’s so special about this customised dressing room that seems to be hogging all the limelight even after so many years? Let’s have a look.

Cleopatra’s Dressing Room

It was not built for Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt but it surely was built for a Queen who ruled the roost in Hollywood for many years. It had to be special and luxurious. It was built for Elizabeth Taylor so that she could be ‘in her character’ even while dressing up. Not even once could she leave the environs of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian architecture was re-created in this 36 foot dressing room which we say is quite an achievement keeping those times in mind. It was nothing short of a room in a palace. Egyptian style columns were accommodated in this very tiny looking dressing room and also silk curtains and hand painted murals. The silk curtains created a division between the bedroom and the living area.

The bedroom was also adorned with crown moldings. Most of the items in the room are original except the Queen size bed which was a later edition. The original bed was round, which was quite a rave in the 60s however it was removed to make space for something even bigger. The curtains are also as silky as they used to be and have not been changed.

The trailer is also in the best of conditions except for minor damage which has been caused by some moisture.

You may ask who owns this piece of history. It’s a trailer with a story. Apparently, it was previously owned by Nicolas Salgo, a millionaire and a financer. He also financed the movie and once the movie completed its shooting he insisted on keeping the trailer. After Fox studio gave him the approval, the trailer adorned his ZX Ranch and was also used by many visiting the Oregan ranch as a place to stay in the night. The trailer was then handed over to the neighbouring ranch owner and was then passed on to a Museum owner where the dressing room was also put on display. The name of the museum was the Lakeview Fantast Museum.

Aft her death many of Elizabeth Taylor’s possessions have been auctioned. The latest to be put up on sale is her Bel-Air estate which is priced at $8.6 million.

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