The new and improved McLaren MP412C Revealed

We had earlier reported on a car that could swim. The amphibious sports car as it was called was a one of its kind sports car which could be driven in water at a speed of 45 mph. Also called the Sea Lion it could touch a speed of about 125 mph on land. The car intended to break all records and was also put up for sale on the Fantasy Junction.

Next in line of our sports car coverage is the new McLaren MP412C. What’s exciting about this 2013 McLaren MP412C model is the its 25 hp horsepower which takes its speed to about 616 hp. The power boost in the car is made possible with the installation of the now re-programmed EUC. Along with this horse power increase the other features in the McLaren MP412C also include the gears that are smooth and shift swiftly. Several changes appear in this McLaren MP412C except for the very sophisticated stying of the car which represents sheer British elegance and style. The overall look of the car remains the same except the McLaren Speed Marque Badge which has been slightly altered. The Automotive Managing Director at McLaren, Antony Sheriff has stated that it is after all their duty to bring about new and improved changes to their car and hence the McLaren MP412C was upgraded with these exciting features.

Here’s some detailed information about what the McLaren MP412C has to offer.

The McLaren MP412C

An array of colours will be made available for the new McLaren MP412C 2013 collection and some latest interior packages are also available. The McLaren MP412C also comes with an improved climate control system. There are several enhancement features which includes a new door entry system and the Intake Sound Generator or ISG which has been also updated.

However, the highlight of the McLaren MP412C continues to be its increase in speed which has been made possible by applying some superior technology. The car is able to accelerate without losing on its efficiency and durability because the maximum energy is drawn from its twin turbocharged V8 engine which takes the speed to about 625 PS which is 616 hp. The engineers working at McLaren have also made changes to the McLaren MP412C engine by and the SSG transmission of the car thus making it a car that can increases its speed in a jiffy.

Despite the increasing speed of the car, the sound control is in the hands of the driver. While manufacturing the McLaren MP412C the engineers also improved the Intake Sound Generator, which basically controls the amount of sound that is generated once the engine intake is conducted. The new and improved version of this sound generator is now available in three levels and in all the three powertrain modes. Thus, with this update the driver can decide which level of sounds he or she wants in his cabin. A higher pitch will bring in more excitement while a lower pitch mode is wee suited for a long and quite drive.

For all those who wish to make the new and improved McLaren MP412C their own will be more than delighted to know that the updated versions now available in the car will not be charged. They have made available free of cost so that owning the McLaren MP412C is as delightful as driving one of these beauties.


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